May was marked with two concerts performed by the pedagogues of our School. The events took place in the “Fangorówka” Gallery in the Polish Academy of Science Botanic Garden in Powsin.

Professor Jerzy Puchalski, Director of the Polish Academy of Science Botanic Garden, is an active scientist, but he is also an art-lover, who often organises various events, encouraging arts of many fields to flourish in the Botanic Garden and Fangorówka became a cultural centre. Our School has a special place for itself, as we are often and wholeheartedly invited to perform in the Botanic Garden.

This spring professor Jerzy Puchalski proposed the mini-series (in his own words) of the Unisono Academy Pedagogues’ Concerts. The performances took place on 16 and 23 May.

The audience could appreciate the art of Zofia Zwolińska (violin), Piotr Podemski (piano), Konstancja Kawalla (piano), Krzysztof Komarnicki (guitar) and Marta Włodarczyk (soprano). Not all of the pedagogues were able to appear on both events, but those who did performed different programme on each occasion.

The Audience consisted of the members of Polish Academy of Science, our pupils and their parents as well as the friends of our School. The most interesting and varied programme of both events was greeted with warm applause.