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June 4th 2016 Unisono Musical School was hosted by the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Science in Powsin. The musical atmosphere of the concert was enriched by blosomming spring flowers and trees covered with fresh beautiful green leaves. All students preparing for ABRSM exams successfully passed.

The sudents – who prepared themselves for this year edition of exams organized by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music played at the picturesque manor Fangorówka situated in the middle of that park.

The concert was opened by Ania Wilkin (piano) who played Jose Ferrer’s Serenade espagnole, Berthold Hummel’s Prelude and Johann Baptiste’s Cantabile. Professor Konstancja Kawalla-Kosiec prepared her for grade-2 exams.

Emilka Wilkin (piano) – the student of Professor Magda Lewandowska – prepared programme for grade 3. She played the first part of Maurizio Clementi’s Storma – Moody Prawn Blues and Walter Caroll’s …

Olaf Wojcieszek (piano) the student of Professor Konstancja Kawalla-Kosiec who prepared him for exam on grade 4 played Heinrich Stolzel’s Buree, Antonio Estevez’ Canzion parta dormir una muneca and Sergey Prokofiev’s Progulka.

Andreas Musselman (violin) – the student of Professor Zofia Zwolińska – played Georg Friedrich Haendel’s Prelude. Andreas is taking lessons in our School merely since six moths. He makes great progress and even if he is now still on his way to ABRSM finals he participates in all concerts organized by our School.

At the end of th concert Ella Bai (violin) – student of Professor Zofia Zwolińska – who is preparing herself for grade 5 exam, performed Charles Dancla’s La petite air varie.

Our School is the only musical school in Warsaw and in the Mazovian area which prepares its students for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music exams. The participation in these exams is not obligatory and is up to the students and their parents. For those who decide to start in these exams it is a good opportunity to

face the criteria by which the ABRSM evaluates students (approximately 60 thousands a year) in various countries over the world.

Last year the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music asked Professor Zofia Zwolińska, Director of the Musical School Unisono, to evaluate programms and examining criteria in its syllabus. This year teachers of our School evaluated Syllabus – which are currently in use – as interesting and methodologically helpful.