After the concert given by the teachers of the Author’s Musical School which inaugurated the series concerts of the School, it was turn to the concert of our students which was given November 15th 2015 in the picturesque manor “Fangorówka” in the Botanic Garden in Konstancin near Warsaw.

Krzysztof KOMARNICKI’s Guitar class was represented by Marisa WOJCIESZUK and Tobiasz WRONKA..

Magda LEWEANDOWSKA’s class of piano was represented by Nathan CANIARD, Adaś TRZASKALSKI, Zosia KOWALSKA, Ania TUROWSKA, Hania GŁĄB, Dżudżu YIANG, Emilka WILKIN and the guest student – Maja WRÓBEL.

Zofia ZWOLIŃSKA’s class of violin was represented by Marysia FRĄCZAK, Eryk PIRORD, Pola KARŁOWSKA, Julia WĄSIKOWSKA, and Ella BAI.
Right after that concert all performers began their rehearsals for the next concert