The “Fangorówka” Gallery in the Polish Academy of Science Botanic Garden in Powsin woke up from winter hibernation and opened its doors for guests. We have met there on 28 March 2015, just a month after the previous concert of our pupils. The Spring Concert this year gathered many soloists, students of our School.

The piano class of Professor Magda Lewandowska was represented by Zofia Kowalska, Anna Turowska, Piotr Pachlewski, Franciszek Kulig and Zofia Tomaszek.

Guitarists Julia Pyc, Emilia Kolanowska and Tobiasz Wronka were from the class of Professor Krzysztof Komarnicki.

Zofia Bąk was representing the piano class of Professor Piotr Podemski.

The violin class of Professor Zofia Zwolińska was represented by Pola Karłowska, Julia Wąsikowska, Izabela Zagórna and Ella Bai.

Guest appearances were Asia, Maja Wróbel, Lien Li and Mateusz Piechna – students of Professor Magda Lewandowska.

Krzysztof Komarnicki was the host.

The next concert is planned in a month, in „Fangorówka” again, with hopes for beautiful spring to be enjoyed in the Botanic Garden in Powsin.