Mission Manifest

Unisono Music Academy Mission Manifest

music mission manifest, violin studentHere is out Mission Manifest.

The old saying goes that you can buy good food and you can buy cheap food, but there is nothing like a good cheap food. This is far more true in musical education, that does not sell ‘goods’ of any kind but offers the years of expertise, experience and excellence of tutors.

In education in general (and in music education in particular) quality is as important as quantity. By all means, undertaking regular tuition on a regular basis is important. Weekly or, preferably, twice-weekly basis is essential. The crucial thing, however, is to have contact with the qualified tutor.

As an official partner of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (and we are the sole music school in Masovian Vovivodship partnered with ABRSM). We employ the best teachers. We do not base our tuition on music students desperately seeking to fill gaps in their pockets by offering cheap lessons. – (waiting at the restaurant’s table being an alternative).

Focus on the best staff – our mission manifest

Our staff consists of experienced teachers, who are entitled to teach at all levels of musical education. Masters who are all active professionals as musicians and organizers of musical life in Poland and abroad. Our Teachers often appear on the concert stage and eager to show good example to their pupils. As a little proof of the latter statement let me underline that we will organize this concert season no less than two concerts of our Teachers who would play for our students (and of course for any listener willing to attend). Mission manifest of Unisono Music Academy is to provide the best tuition in Poland. We can accomplish this by looking at whole tuition process, not only one lesson.

In short, our Teachers offer much more than simple tuition. They offer their lifelong experience and personal insight into music matters. This, in fact, is something one cannot simply buy.

Unisono Music Academy offers all the needed to get into the wonderful music world.