Guitar Lessons in Warsaw

Guitar Lessons Warsaw Poland

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Warsaw, Poland you found the place which fosters classical music tradition and employs internationally known artists. Classical music is the key to the guitar. If you want to play your favorite song at full speed, you need only one lesson. Here it is: grab a tab from net and practice it slowly 4 hours a day, daily, for next 6 months. 

You are welcome.

If you want to play the guitar, you may need to practice daily for the rest of your life, and for as long as you need. Playing the instrument is fun, one day, after a dozen of years spent on practicing scales, chord patterns, parallel intervals, 12 Studies by this composer and 24 Studies by the other. It will work and we will be glad to help you. 


If you would like to play MUSIC, our School is the best place to be. 

Music is the key to study and the key to practice. When we understand music, we clearly see what we have to do and why. Thus, we can look for the means of doing just that. This approach may not seem intuitive, but this is how the best musicians work. 

We will guide you in this process. You will play music from Day 1 and you will practice like a pro also from Day 1. We will guide effortlessly through the music, so you will get the understanding of it – deeper and deeper understanding every day. Your ears will open, your musical horizon will widen and your love for the guitar will grow.

Classes are conducted by a concert musician

50th anniversary zofia zwolinska concert 7, krzysztof komarnicki, guitar
Crystal Sounds – Unisono Music Academy Concert 2018

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the profile of our pedagogue – Dr Krzysztof Komarnicki

For years he has been conducting guitar lessons in our school, preparing classical music compositions and collaborating with musicians at home and abroad.

True art is the most important thing for us.

Our guitar students take part in our school’s concerts. Just look at our gallery or YouTube to see that our concerts are an important part of our school’s life, it is during which the students shape their skills.

Guitar lessons in Unisono Music Academy

We put our focus on development of musical sensitivity and proper foundations. It is not just loot at performing technique, but also the ability to express while being on stage. The students can take part in yearly quarter concerts. The timetable in our school is flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs and possibilities of pupils. We welcome you to individual informative interviews and guitar lessons in Warsaw. Lessons in our School are carried out in rooms prepared for music teaching equipped with all that is necessary and convenient for the children and teachers. You will find information and contact possibility as well as our address under