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Director of Music School in Warsaw

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Zofia Maria Zwolińska is a violinist who gives both solo recitals and performs with other musicians. She played with symphonic orchestras in Poland and abroad (among others in Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Venezuela).

Zofia Zwolinska is founder and director of the Unisono Music Academy in Warsaw, has been teaching violin master classes in Warsaw for years. Her pupils include professors at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music and universities in the United States. Zofia Zwolinska is a concert violinist who performs solo and in collaboration with other soloists. Director of the Unisono Author’s Music School, she teaches violin.

She has been teaching violin continuously since 1966, giving violin lessons at various levels. This gives 55 years of experience in violin lessons with world-class achievements. He greatly appreciates introducing students who are new to violin playing to the secrets of violin playing, as they then avoid the tedious and thankless necessity of correcting erroneous habits. Please do not confuse long experience with an archaic form of teaching. To this day, Zofia Zwolinska students still excel in international music examinations. As a result, they have open access to higher education.

Violin lessons in Warsaw on masterclass level

Violin lessons with unique program for each student are only lesson type Zofia Zwolińska focuses. The founder of Unisono Author’s Music School has been pursuing her vision of art education since 2008. She began her teaching activities while she was still a student at the National Higher School of Music, now the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music. She translates her many years of musical and pedagogical experience into master violin lessons. Undoubtedly, students achieve the best results during individual work with a pedagogue. For this reason, only this format applies at Unisono. Individual materials and pieces are a noteworthy element of training, which, through Zofia Zwolinska’s years of experience, are an important pillar of education.

She completed the class of violin (M.A.) at the Frederic Chopin Music Academy (now Frederic Chopin University of Music) in Warsaw. During her studies she attended the classes of violin headed by Professors  Zenon Bąkowski and Stranisław Kawalla. During the final year of her studies at the Academy she actively participated in the violin class headed by the great pedagogue and internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso Professor Tadeusz Wroński

After completing her studies at the Academy she continued to perfect her violin skills in cooperation with Professor Henryk Palulis and later on by actively participating in violin master classes given by the famous violinist Oleg Krysa.

While still a student at the Academy she started to teach violin at the State Music School in Warsaw, and continued to work at different levels of violin education later on.

The highest level violin tuition

Teaching – after playing violin herself – is her second passion. Among her former students there are renown violinists of international acclaim and members of symphony orchestras in Poland and abroad. Some of her former students became professors of violin themselves, such as Professor Krzysztof Bąkowski and Professor Marta Szlubowska.

Straight after completing her studies (M.A.) she attended postgraduate studies and made rehearsals with  students of Music Academy.

Internationally known musician and teacher

There was a period when she also educated young violinists in Germany and Venezuela. She has 50 years experience of teaching violin lessons in Poland and abroad. She gathered this lifelong experience and opened Unisono Music Academy. Place where the best musical techniques meet the real music expression.


Professor Krzysztof Bąkowski

Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warsaw

Letter of recommendation for Mrs. Zofia Zwoińska (M.A.)

I attended Mrs. Zofia Zwolińska class of violin at the State Music School in Warsaw. I remember and recall with pleasure her violin lessons. I remember her smile and gentleness which were priceless for me as a small child. As far as her professional competences are concerned, I can only say that my father, who was professor of violin at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, send me deliberately to Mrs. Zwolińska’s class. And this fact speaks for itself. Mrs. Zwolińska herself graduated from the class of violin at the Frederic Chopin University of Music in Warsaw headed by such outstanding masters as the internationally acclaimed violinist and pedagogue Professor Tadeusz Wroński. And this fact alone proves beyond any doubt her professional competence. I am fully convinced that I can recommend Mrs. Zofia Zwolińska as a teacher, and I am sure that her young violin adepts will be taught professionally and responsibly.

Krzysztof Bąkowski

Full Professor at the Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warsaw,

Concertmaster at the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Warsaw

Professor Tadeusz Gadzina

Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warsaw

Letter of recommendation for Zofia Zwolińska (M.A.)

I have had an opportunity to make acquaintance with Zofia Zwolińska’s pedagogic system and work. On these observations I may say with satisfaction that Zofia Zwolińska’s  competence, as far as the physiology and technique of violin performance are concerned, reaches the level appropriate to academic artistic education, and in certain respects is completed with analyses and thoughts  comparable with the thoughts of the greatest minds who dealt with the art of violin playing.

The source of her knowledge certainly springs from her studies at the Fryderyk Chopin Music Academy where she had the unique opportunity to be taught by such outstanding pedagogues and artistic authorities as Professor Tadeusz Wroński, Professor Zenon Bąkowski and Professor Stanisław Kawalla. She was further perfecting her artistic, practical and theoretical competences in contacts with foreign masters whom she met during her professional and educational career.

Mrs. Zofia Zwolińska has excellent contact with her apprentices who are invited to freely ask questions and discuss problems connected with violin playing and at the same time have fun with their education and readily realize her suggestions to understand and treat music as an integral part of their childhood or as a scene from a fairy tale. These pedagogical elements help her to make the educational process more appropriate to their age, making it more attractive and more effective in performing their program that I consider the main aim of our work.

I consider priceless the fact that at the same time Mrs. Zwolińska  does not allow herself to deviate even a bit from the physiology of violin playing. Everyone knows the torment common to talented apprentices who play the instrument unnaturally because they were inappropriately taught at earlier stages of their education – and now, without previously mastering sufficiently the technics of playing the instrument they experience serious problems. In fact, they are condemned to fail, because not always their faults can be corrected during their consecutive studies. Mrs. Zwolińska is a person to whom we, academic teachers, should be grateful for correctly prepared candidates to further musical education at academic level.

Tadeusz Gadzina

 Full Professor at Frederic Chopin University of Music, Warsaw

Violin Lessons in Warsaw

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