Photo Gallery Of Our Concerts

Based on changes made in GDPR and RODO the photo and video gallery contains only content from year 2017.

2022 Grand Concert

Unisono Music Academy Grand Concert 2022-sm

2022 Grand Concert is a continuation of our musical tradition that has started in year 2008. On Sunday, June 12, 2022, we met at Warsaw’s Szustra Palace for the festive Annual Concert of our Music School. The long-awaited concert happened at the end of the school year. Students and teachers have put a lot of…

Spring Concert 2022

Unisono Music Academy Spring Concert 2022, grand piano, student of music school

Spring Concert 2022 is our next event. Our institution organizes periodic concerts related to different themes. We are glad that this concert brought clear joy to the participants of the event. Every concert at the music school is a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their talents and skills. The students of the school perform…

Christmas Carols Concert 2022

Christmas Carols Concert 2022 Unisono Music Academy 2022, Grand Piano and music teacher

This year, on January 23rd we met at the Carols Concert of our School in the beautiful, historic Szustra Palace, where the heart of Warsaw’s musical tradition has been beating for years. The greatest Polish musicians have performed in this Palace. The teachers of our School, including the Director of Unisono Music Academy Zofia Zwolińska,…

2021 Annual Concert

Report on the 2021 Annual Concert, Unisono Author School of Music's 2021 Grand Annual Concert

At last we are publishing our report on the new annual concert. The day of June 12, 2021 was long awaited by the students and teachers of our School, as it was the day on which the annual concert was held. Due to the pandemic, we were unable to hold the concert for several months….

2020 Carols Concert

music school warsaw, 2020, carols concert unisono

January 26th 2020 – the time when we heard the carols again This year we did our Carols Concert on January 26th 2020. Even though it was January behind the windows we had almost spring weather inside the beautiful Fangor Mansion. In the concert hall we enjoyed a warm atmosphere. Certainly it was recalling us…

2019 Autumn Concert

Autumn Concert, Music School

With the 2019 Autumn Concert of November 19th Our Academy started the artistic new School Year 2019/2020. In the first place we played in the beautiful Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin at the Concert Hall of the Fangor Mansion thanks to the hospitality of its Director – Professor Paweł Kojs….

Grand Concert 2019

Unisono Music School Grand Concert 2019, Alicja Zdrojewska

Concert where all students perform their main pieces In this passing school year 2018/2019 our teachers gave two teacher-concerts while our students gave six student-concerts. Shortly before the Annual Concert our students which was held in the beautiful Concert Hall of the Fangor Mansion in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in…

Spring Concert 2019

spring concert unisono 2019 miniature, crowd

2019 Students Spring Concert In Botanic Garden This year we held our Spring Concert on April 6th. Traditionally, the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin welcomed us with blossoming magnolia trees and flowers. Although, between our last concert and the present one we had merely three weeks time to prepare a…

Professors Concert Video Recording 2019

professors concert 2019 miniature, teachers of music school

Video Recordings Of 2019 Professors Performance We kindly invite to play the recording from Yearly Professors Concert. Performances Of Our Professors Krzysztof Komarnicki Julia Leviuk And Zofia Zwolińska’s student Prof. Joanna Okoń During concert, professors performed the pieces from classical and modern contemporary music.

Pre-Spring Student Concert 2019

Prespring concert 2019 mini photo

Student Concert On 17 th March 2019 This time in the Pre-Spring Sunday, March 17th 2019 we met at the friendly Fangor Mansion in the beautiful Botanic Garden of  the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin, near Warsaw. The program of the Concert was a real challenge for the young musicians, both for the beginners…

Carols Concert 2019 Recordings

carols concert 2019 unisono, guitar pplayer

Youtube Recordings Of 2019 Students Carols Concert. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Parents and Audience of the Unisono Music School. This school-year our concert of carols was held on January 10th 2019 at Fangor Manor House in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin. All our soloists played with great concentration and…

Autumn Concert 2018

Autumn Concert 2018 Miniature Photo, violin student

Opening concert of the 2018/2019 year Our School started its series of concerts in the school year 2018/2019 on November 17th at the Fangorówka mansion in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin. The beautiful Garden was illuminated by the sunny autumn light that contributed much to the artistic atmosphere of…

Grand Concert 2018

Unisono Music Academy Grant Concert 2018

Unisono Music Academy 2018 Grand Annual Concert On June 16th at FANGOR mansion in Powsin our School completed its experience with music in the school year 2017/20018. This passing school year was abundant with musical events. Our teachers did two concerts and our students did five concerts all carried out at the beautiful Fangor mansion…

Spring Opening Concert 2018

Spring Opening Concert in Botanic Garden. This year the weather delivered us an unexpected surprise. The Spring Concert of our School in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin which we hoped to do in the warm atmosphere at the outset of Spring, on 18.03.2018, was delivered in the beautiful winter…

New Year Concert – “Crystal Sounds”

New Year Concert Cristal Sounds

Crystal Sounds – 2018 Unisono Musical School Teacher’s Concert. Professors Concert In Botanic Garden Mansion. With our UNISONO Musical School  Teacher’s Concert we celebrated the beginning of the New Year 2018. This time our Concert was entitled “Cristal Sounds” and took place on January  7th in the concert hall of the Fangor Manor situated in…

Christmas Carols Concert 2017

christmas concert 2017

Finally awaited Unisono Music Academy Carols Concert 2017. Even though previous concert of our  School was held not so far from now, we met again 17. December 2017 in Fangor manor-hous to give another concert, this time devoted mostly to carols.  This kind of musical program is one of the most beloved programs performed by…

Autumn Concert 2017

Miniature of Autumn Concert 2017

Unisono Autumn Concert 2017 was awaited event. This time our Unisono Musical School gave its autumn concert a little bit earlier as it used to be before. We met at Fangor manor-house in Powsin November 21st 2017 . The brightly illuminated concert hall contrasted with autumn-covered trees outside in the Botanic Garden. Among the soloists…

Artificial intelligence scientists meet music

Artificial Intelligence Concert Music School

2017 Concert happened in Fangorówka mannor-house. At the outset of the new school-year 2017/2018 our Author’s Musical School UNISONO met a pleasant surprise We were invited by the Directors of the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin to deliver a musical setting for the final meeting of the Polish and Taiwan…

Unisono Grand Concert 2017

Music School Grand Concert 2017 thumbnail

Finally anticipated Unisono Music Academy Grand Concert 2017 is highlight event of the whole year. During June the 8th 2017 on the Summer  afternoon our School held its Annual Concert. The Concert took place in the manor-house Fangorówka in the beautiful Botanic Garden od the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin. The sounds of music…

Spring Concert 2017

Spring concert 2017 Miniature

This year, our Spring Concert 2017 was held on April 22nd . We met at the classic manor Fangorówka at the Polish Academy of Sciences Botanic Garden in Powsin. It was chilly. Outside, in the garden,  frozen buds on magnolia trees created a melancholy mood. In the concert hall, however, the atmosphere was warm and…

2017 Carols Concert

This year the 2017 Christmas Carol Concert of our School was performed on 28th January 2017 in a frosty midday of winter. The long awaited time for this musical event was filled with rehearsals preparing carols to be produced the audience which still recalled the Christmas that echoed in their minds. During the Concert our…

A guide to our music school’s annual concerts – photo gallery

Every year, our school of music hosts a concert series and we archive them in our gallery. This is where we showcase the talent of the students in the department.

The first concert is always our carol concert. This is usually held in January, February and traditionally includes carols, Christmas music and traditional Christmas songs. The second concert is our spring concert, which is usually held in April or May. It includes performers who are new to this type of event. Finally, we have our summer – annual concert, which features performers who present the results of their year’s work on an instrument or vocal training.

This year we are celebrating 14 years of concerts!

What are annual concerts at our music school?
Concerts are wonderful educational opportunities for students. These moments are important to capture and preserve as memories, to learn from and grow from new experiences. Annual concerts at our school of music include performances by students as well as educators and other events that you may wish to document through photography. Annual concert photography takes place on the last day of the school year for the graduating class.

Why are the annual concerts at our music school a wonderful event for students and parents?
This is an annual concert at our music school. Students come together for the last time to play instruments and sing. The parents who also come to watch these concerts make it an even more special event by joining in the fun. The first concert of the year is a good opportunity for students and parents to get together and have fun after a long separation. We document it all in this Gallery.

A list of reasons why you should attend our concert this week.

  • You will be able to support students in their musical development
  • This is a free event
  • You will have a chance to meet new people and make friends
  • You can enjoy live music and have a good time
  • It is a good way to spend a weekend with friends or family
  • In our concert hall you will feel the musical community
  • The venue is accessible from public transport stops, making it easy to get to from anywhere in the city
  • You will be able to listen to the best music that is the “crème de la crème” of the classical and neoclassical music canon.
  • How our music school is changing the community
  • One of the things we are most proud of is our concert series, which is featured in this gallery full of event coverage. We host concerts for our students and it has been a great way for us to connect with community members who might not otherwise come to our school. This year we hosted a concert series, one concert per month. The series was designed to showcase new talent in the community as well as talent from our school. This blog post talks about how we created this concert series, why it was important to us, and what it meant to us as an organization.

Events at the Polish Academy of Sciences and Szustra Palace

Our events take place at the Fangor Manor located in the Botanical Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Szustra Palace. Both buildings are characterized by an amazing history, wonderful acoustics and beautiful interiors. We would like to invite you to our upcoming concerts. You can find more information about them in the News section.