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Unisono Music Academy In Warsaw, Poland

Our Warsaw Music School is an elite musical institution. We provide guitar, piano, flute, violin, cello and singing lessons. Lessons can be in English, French, Spanish, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian. You can start music tuition at any time. Only in one on one format. All of our professors graduated from internationally acclaimed music universities and perform concerts internationally.

J. S. Bach - Koncert d-moll na dwoje skrzypiec BWV 1043 - Autorska Szkoła Muzyczna Unisono

We invite you to listen to a recording of our 2019 Annual Concert.

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Unisono Music Academy founded by Zofia Zwolinska

Our private music school was established in 2008 as a response to the needs of people who want to introduce their children to the world of beauty. The world, which creates an opportunity harmonious development of personality and also expands and deepens aesthetic sensitivity for our music students.

Music school conducts individual piano lessons, violin lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons and flute.

Author’s School of Music Unisono Warsaw invites you to teach children and also adults who are thinking about preparing to study vocal or want to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the world of sound.

The teaching on the other level of musical education does not demand paying so much attention and commitment to instrumental development because its main objective is enhancing joy in making and experiencing music as artistic creativity. It is primarily conceived as a kind of musical adventure in the world of artistic sound.

Koncert Pedagogów 2019 - Unisono Szkoła Muzyczna

Our teachers are all performing musicians

2019 Professors Concert

Developing musical sensitivity and enhancing joy in making music

Learning on the professional level is elite. The Precondition is the student’s good musical hearing and feeling of the rhythm in performance. What distinguishes this specific way of teaching is very precise executing of the musical program in lessons with teacher understood as foundation building  for further artistic development and afterwards  – for gradual introduction of young artists into the world of real artistic creation. Here we derive a lot from our extraordinary rich musical tradition created and developed in the last decades by our greatest composers and educators. These traditions are for us the foundation on which we build and develop innovatory methods of solving problems in instrumental music. We also pay special attention to the attractive and professional character of our teaching in the entire process of musical education in our music academy.

Exams are voluntary

In our Music School we provide musical teaching on two different levels:

  • individual lessons and learning
  • playing instruments that prepares our students for further professional development and career

Our Musical School is the sole official partner in the Mazovian Voivodeship that cooperates with the Associated Board of the Royal School and prepares its students for official international ABRSM exams carried out by that Institution.

Our great composer Witold Lutosławski said: “where words end, music begins there”.

Our music school provides only individual lessons format

All of our tuition is provided in the one on one lesson format. We want to make sure that the teaching plan suits the student way of learning. Also, we want to profile the content of the lessons, so the student gets the best teaching experience. Our personalized lessons are the effect of many years of the in-depth knowledge in the educational field. We are known for keeping the highest standards. This is the effect of treating each student as an individual and working with custom plans suiting individual learning pace.

Uniqueness of our tuition

The specific character of our music school can be visualized in two aspects: it is constituted by the group of outstanding virtuoso artists with significant musical achievements and teaching experience, i.e. artists who also love working with students on different levels of musical education.

Frequent but not stressful concerts in Unisono Music Academy

Our musical education is focused on frequent public performances in various concert-halls. It stimulates student concentration and motivates him/her to master new musical material. It also brings the performer a feeling of satisfaction and joy from playing for the public on the scene.

The main objective in musical education in our School is first to prepare our students to produce music performance to the public their artistic skills in concert-halls. This is an important stimulation that motivates students to further development of repertoire and progress on each level of their musical education. Their performances in concert-halls evoke additional commitment and bring real joy to the performers thus repaying for their daily exercises at home. This way, the program of musical education in our Music School substantially eliminates stress, which frequently can be seen during instrumental exams in other musical institutions. This is what distinguish good music schools from the latter.

We don’t rely on stressful grades

Therefore, there are no grades given for the performance at the end of instrumental or vocal education in our School. We assume that striving for good grades on this level of musical education brings unnecessary stress that should be avoided. We allow our students to evaluate their performances themselves. Our experience in the process of musical education shows that after relatively short time of practicing they are able to correctly assess their productions.

International exams as well as the process of preparation according to the program of ABRSM are voluntary (i.e. not mandatory). They are organized by the Council of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in different countries all over the world. The exam scores are respected internationally at music schools and universities like Berklee College of Music in the USA.

Flexible schedule for individual music lessons

Professional music lessons for adults are designed for people who undoubtedly need a flexible schedule. Music lessons are designed to develop your skills at a convenient time. Adult classes are affordable and individually tailored to meet your developmental needs. This is the best way to adventure into learning music. It is noteworthy that the author’s work plan makes sure that the learning is directed only to the particular student, and his/her individual developmental needs. Each teacher tries to get to know his/her student, his/her current developmental abilities. In conclusion, music lessons can be taken at any time, finding a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Specially adapted rooms

Our Music Academy also offers our teachers and students suitable rooms for teaching and practicing music. All rooms are properly equipped according to the needs of the respective process of musical education. Music is closely interwoven in our life and constitutes a specific reflection of beauty rooted in our person. Therefore, our classes do not recall standard classes in ordinary schools, but rather elegant living rooms. They possess their specific individualized climate in which our students feel comfortable and eagerly attend lessons provided by their teachers who do their best to build up from professional attitudes to artistic performing of music. These are the foundations for future development and artistic success.

Concerts as part of music education

Thanks to our many years of experience in education, we have realized that a very important part of learning music is the performance of students on stage. Young music students who acquire skills during real concerts perform much better on their artistic way. Concerts give them the opportunity to see their playing of an instrument or singing in a different motivating light. For more on the academic background of our approach to education, please see the Mission tab. Unisono Music Academy students are encouraged to enter the concerts we organize. Participation is not required, but is strongly encouraged. Skills acquired in these events are useful not only in playing music. They certainly remain for life regardless of further artistic development.

Series of free concerts for our students

Music school concerts are a great way to incorporate music education into the school day. They create a space where students can enjoy what they’ve learned and also give them the opportunity to become more involved in the community outside of school. The concerts not only encourage a love of music, but also serve as a platform for further development in musical performance. Our music school in Warsaw periodically hosts a series of free concerts that allow students to improve their musical skills.
This happens not only when mature musicians play. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of playing in a unison ensemble for the youngest adepts of the violin art. Playing music together is the first challenge for younger violin students. When they get used to playing the same melody in a group, it is time to introduce different dynamics of its individual parts, i.e. the first steps in the world of shaping musical expression.

Our Music School also has separate children’s corner for small children

For very young pupils we have two different corners where children are close to their favorite toys. They keep them company during their lessons. In our Music School Warsaw we not only have classes for the young and elder students, but also room for their parents and foster persons. They may comfortably wait and relax while their children attend lessons.
It also happens that elderly persons return to school and after several years break resume their musical education. When the break is longer, they have to learn to play an instrument from the beginning. It happens that during the concert parents perform together with their children.

Want to try playing an instrument you don’t own?

We welcome our students with their own instruments, while for those without an instrument base, we offer violin, cello and guitar rentals. First of all, they are needed for work in lessons, for work at home and for performances at concerts organized by us. Undoubtedly in stock are the creations of various manufacturers and luthier instruments. Thanks to our collection, changing the size of the instrument during the year of study is not a problem. We are able to provide musical equipment in sizes. For example, younger students need a smaller violin in 1/8 or 1/4 size, which means a violin dedicated to the youngest students, 5-6 years old. The 1/4 size instrument should be successively replaced with 1/2, 3/4 and finally 4/4 sizes. It is unquestionable that with our collection we guarantee continuity of learning during the school year, throughout the whole musical journey.

We also advise our students on the purchase of instruments. We have many decades of experience working with violin makers, piano tuners and musical equipment suppliers. Above all, in Unisono Music Academy care about providing learning that is fun and broadens your horizons.

Best in class music school tuition for children

Unisono Music Academy in Warsaw is open to all who are interested in playing and enjoying music. Also, to those who want to learn and play ambitious music. This is the way to the world of music enabling its enthusiasts to experience and enjoy the beauty of sounds.

Music lessons teach children confidence, discipline and a deep sense of accomplishment. Music is a great way for children to learn to express their emotions. It is also a great opportunity for children to learn how to cooperate with others. Parents who think music lessons aren’t important can check out recommendations from experts for whom music education teaches children more than just how to play an instrument. We covered more on this topic in our Mission.

Music school for adults Warsaw – not only for young

Unisono music school for adults in Warsaw is part of our teaching work, which focuses on learning music for people who want to develop their passions. It is never too late to start your musical journey. Our music school provides tuition for all age groups (whether early years or adult). We tailor a proprietary program to suit the stage of learning, from beginners to advanced students. We have a team of professional music teachers for singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, music theory lessons. For more information and to begin your journey, please call, email or fill out our inquiry form. We are here to help you make your dreams come true!

Why should adults take music lessons?

It’s a great way to be active, have fun and enjoy life. Adults can find a sense of belonging and have an outlet to freely express themselves. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make friends. Music lessons can help adults feel a sense of artistic fulfillment, develop creativity, and increase self-confidence. The benefits of taking music lessons also extend to relationships with others and cognitive skills, as well as sensitivity. A music school for adults needs to be aware of the differences in approach to working with mature students. This involves a profound difference in the approach to conveying information and individual cognitive and manual abilities.

What makes elite music school?

An elite music school is one that is known for providing high-quality education and training in music to its students. There are several factors that can contribute to the reputation and quality of a music school:

Faculty: An elite music school will typically have a faculty of highly trained and experienced musicians who are skilled in their respective areas of expertise. These faculty members should be knowledgeable about various musical styles and techniques and be able to provide high-quality instruction to their students.

Curriculum: An elite music school will typically have a well-rounded and comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of musical styles and techniques. This may include classes in music theory, ear training, history, and performance, as well as opportunities for students to perform and participate in ensembles.

Facilities: An elite music school should have state-of-the-art facilities, including classrooms, practice rooms, and performance spaces. These facilities should be well-equipped and well-maintained, providing students with an optimal learning environment.

Reputation: An elite music school will typically have a strong reputation within the music industry and among other music schools. This may be reflected in the success of its graduates, as well as the recognition and accolades the school has received.

Overall, an elite music school is one that is known for providing high-quality education and training in music to its students and is recognized for its excellence within the music industry. Unisono Music School Warsaw is best in the class.

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