About Academy

music school warsaw, students of music school About our music school based in Warsaw. We are open for children and adults who aspire to enter the world of beauty, the world  that creates the chance to harmonious development of personality, widens and deepens aesthetic sensitiveness.

Our Academy educates in playing piano, violin, guitar, cello, flute and recorder. We also teach solo vocal singing and theory of music, i.e. schooling in musical hearing combined with rhythmic. In higher classes this program is enlarged by the history of music.

Our teaching is aimed towards students at all levels from elementary to advanced (comparable to UK Grades 1 to 8).

music school warsaw, music school grand concert 2019The teaching program is realized on two different levels:

  1. playing instrument enabling for further professional instrumental education,
  2. developing general musical sensitivity.

The specificity of the Unisono Academy of Music can be summarized in two aspects:

  1. It employs a group of music virtuosos and pedagogues who both have outstanding artistic and teaching experience. And, last but not least, they all have positive attitude and love working with students of music.
  1. Students have the opportunity to frequently present their artistic achievements to the general public in a concert hall. These public performances stimulate their concentration and contribute to greater efforts in preparing new programs which bring them joy and satisfaction.

Our Academy is jointly created by its teachers and students – by their efforts, achievements and joy from common passion for music.

The Unisono Music Academy has started from a perception that music is for everyone (adults and kids) and grown to challenge people who differ. We make an effort to give every audio training to teaching, uplifting and enriching another generation of artists.

A heart of aspiration, passion and imagination, the feeling is impressive and electric. We strive to dedicate every songs lesson to teaching, inspiring and enriching the following generation of musicians.

We educate according to people desired needs and requirements, whether that be getting lessons as a uplifting activity, moving music exams or being an expert musician.

Routine concerts and shows just take our students from the classroom on to the stage efficiency. We believe regular master tuition, practice and stage performance are coming to the core of every musician achievement.

piano, violin, guitar lessons warsawWe play repertoire and prepare for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music international music exams.

As an official partner of ABRSM in Poland Mazovian Voivodeship. We cooperate and fully prepare to all Exam Grades from 1 to 8. The finished Grade is accepted for example in the Berkley Collage of Music in the USA.

Musical tradition is in the roots of our Music Academy

The school was created as a Zofia Zwolińska teaching project in 2009. The plan was to create unique teaching experience which is blend of technique of masters and new approach of the musical education which will focus on student and not the exam grades even if there are ones in the international exams. The student is in the center, and his/her development is the most important thing. The decades of musical tuition experience are now part of our sophisticated plans. And the focus on musical sensitivity and technique pays off in the fact that our Music School in one of the most recommended places to learn.

Click the link to see concert which encloses 50 years of artistic and musical activity of Zofia Zwolińska.

An original form of education based on long-standing tradition and innovative pedagogical experience

Our goal is to present musical achievements on stage without negative stage fright. We teach on the basis of pedagogical tradition and the achievements of modern instrumental pedagogy. The education is provided by professional teachers with musical education, who are also concerting musicians. This makes it possible to ensure the highest quality of teaching. As this form of education has been used for many years, the student develops under the guidance of a chosen pedagogue, having contact with the teacher’s information at all times.

No stressful exams as part of our original program

An important aspect is that the form of stressful internal examinations is not part of the educational plan offered by our institution. For this reason, each of our students has the opportunity to check their progress at one of the many concerts of the Unison School of Music, which take place periodically at least 5 times a year.

Pictures and recordings of individual concerts (of students and teachers) are available in the gallery tab.

Development of musical sensitivity – Music School Warsaw

To sum up, caring for the development of the student’s musical sensitivity is the basic orientation of our pedagogical work, therefore the repertoire of works is selected by the teachers according to the student’s predispositions. Undoubtedly, this constitutes a base on which the development of the student’s instrumental or vocal technique can be built.

It is worth noting that it is the many years of experience, the original program and the concerted teaching staff that constitute the foundation of Unisono’s success at the level of music education.

Undoubtedly, we pay great attention to the quality of our education.

Our Offer

The music school offers individual instrument learning classes and classical and entertainment singing lessons. In addition, there are courses in music theory. Below you will find the described offer

Piano lessons
Grand Piano Lessons Warsaw, About Music School Page

Lessons are aimed at the development of musical sensitivity and the correct technique of the game. All piano educators are active concert musicians. We have a piano and four high-end pianos. Classes are taught by Julia Leviuk and Dr. Arthur Chmara.

Violin lessons
Violin Lessons Warsaw Poland, About Music School Page

Tuition aimed at the correct preparation, or correction, of the game apparatus and the correct development of musicality. Through many years of experience of our educators in the field of performing field play, we pay great attention to making a concert important part of the learning experience. The lessons are taught by director Zofia Zwolińska

Guitar lessons
Guitar Lessons Warsaw Poland, About Music School Page

Taught in our school by Dr. Krzysztof Komarnicki. Work on the technique of the game in cooperation with the author’s selection of the repertoire. The classes are aimed at learning the true character of playing classical guitar. The lessons are taught by Dr. Krzysztof Komarnicki.

Flute lessons
Flute Lessons Warsaw Poland, About Music School Page

Transverse flute in the framework of the author’s program. To check the availability of classes on the transverse flute, please call or contact us by e-mail. Lessons are taught by Sylvia Lorenc

Cello lessons
Cello Lessons Warsaw Poland, About Music School Page

Please contact us by phone or e-mail. Classes are taught by Katarzyna Tarkowska.

Singing lessons
Singing Lessons Warsaw, About Music School Page

Available as part of two development paths. Classical singing, focused on development in the canon of opera music and entertainment singing with elements of jazz geared towards harmonious development in the field of contemporary music. Vocal classes from entertainment singing include in their program preparation for performances with sound system. The singing lessons are taught by Alicja Zdrojewska.

Music theory lessons
Music Theory Lessons Warsaw, About Music School Page

Learning music theory in our institution is aimed at broadening the horizons of understanding the composition, harmony and rhythm of music. It is possible to undertake the study of music theory in English as part of the preparation for the exams of the Council of British Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). The lessons are taught by Dr. Krzysztof Komarnicki.

Preparation for The Council of British Royal Music Schools (ABRSM) exams.

Preparation can take place within a chosen programme of instrumental or vocal training and music theory classes included in the chosen examination level (grade). There is also a choice of individually paid classes.

Tuition includes instrumental/vocal preparation plus music theory classes. Our program covers all examination levels (Grade 1-8) according to ABRSM.
Our students receive diplomas with distinction.

Details of the educational process and our offer
It is noteworthy that Unisono Music School provides individual education within the framework of an individually established plan with an educator.

All the lessons of singing or playing a chosen instrument, which are in our offer, are conducted in a teacher-pupil format, which is why the timetable is set individually.

Music theory classes may cover preparation for ABRSM exams or exams of Polish music universities.

During violin, flute and vocal lessons we provide students with accompaniment as needed, resulting from the advancement of the work on the piece within the normal price of the lesson.

Hours of individual lessons from the offer are agreed personally with those interested.

More about the optional ABRSM education

Education in accordance with the ABRSM curriculum is optional, but is part of our standard offering, each of our educators are able to prepare you for exams.

ABRSM provides a number of resources and materials to help you improve your game and stay motivated. These include: ABRSM Practice Workbooks, ABRSM Music Theory Workbooks, ABRSM Songbooks and ABRSM Exam Papers.

Students are assessed in exams outside our school using ABRSM guidelines. These are provided from a wide range of songs for each grade. The pieces are graded based on the difficulty of the piece and the level of musicianship needed to perform it.

The organization also standardizes the pieces that are used for each grade. They commission composers to write pieces for each degree, which are then available to all students. They then decide which pieces are appropriate for each degree. The pieces are written to a very high standard. They are often of the same standard as pieces used by young professionals going through conservatoires.

ABRSM books – Music School Warsaw Teaching Materials

Students can use ABRSM Song Books to learn a wide range of songs. These books will help you improve your sight-reading skills and develop a good sense of rhythm and timing. They are also very useful as an accompaniment to learning songs by ear.

ABRSM workbooks are a great way to develop your technique. They are designed for students to work on at home as part of their practice. They come with a CD so you can play along with the real version of the piece.

ABRSM Theory books are great for all students from beginner to advanced. They will help you improve your knowledge of music theory and help you improve your note reading skills. They come with a CD so you can play along with the real version of the piece.

ABRSM exams – Only Music School in Warsaw Teaching International exams

Participation in the ABRSM exams is optional. ABRSM music exams are held annually in Poland, the UK, and around the world. To register you must be a student at an ABRSM registered school. They are held each year in September in London and in January in the rest of the UK. They are held in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Belfast and Dublin. They are also held in many other cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and South America. ABRSM Music exams are a great way to check your progress and challenge yourself. They will give you a chance to see how far you have come and how you compare to other musicians. They are also a great way to get credentials for conservatory entrance. We are only music school in Warsaw which teaches to international exams.

You can register for the exam on the Polish ABRSM website.

You can attend the courses at your own pace and at a time that is convenient for you in our Music School Warsaw. They will broaden your knowledge of music and help you improve your playing. They are available on the ABRSM website. ABRSM is recognized as the leading organization for all aspects of music education. It offers a wide range of resources and certifications for musicians and teachers.