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Warsaw vocal lessons Alicja Zdrojewska

Alicja Zdrojewska graduated from Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of Stanisław Moniuszko Academy Of Music in Gdańsk and provide singing lessons in Unisono. She graduated in vocal class of professor Anna Domżalska. Our teacher, Alicja Zdrojewska is a kind and skilled teacher with years of experience on stage. She provides tuition for Warsaw vocal lessons in our faculty. If you look for classical and opera singing lessons please write e-mail, we provide this type of schooling.

Artistic Path

She started her music journey in Tri-city. There she started to cooperate with guitarist Rafał „Uhuru” Szyjer.
She was responsible for tuition of 40 young children choir which recorded a music album.
This lead to understating of broad of musical characteristics needed to be effective in the process of musical development.

Alula – Singing lessons from performing musician

Looking for new adventures she recorded single „Perfect World” with FRANKY band. Currently, she works on a personal project called Alula which is an expression of her style and temperament.

Vocal Academy Warszawa

Unisono Vocal Academy Warszawa is a special section of our music academy focusing solely on individual voice tuition. We focus on live performances and tuition for preparing you to become well rounded musician.

The unique character of voice lessons in Unisono Music Academy

We put our focus on development of musical sensitivity and proper foundations. It is not just loot at performing technique but also the ability to express while being on stage. Students can take part in yearly quarter concerts.

Music teachers must also be performing artists.

If they cannot give a good performance, then how can they expect to teach it? It is important for them to know the music craft. They must understand the difference between technique and artistry. Tone deaf teachers will never be able to teach singing correctly. They can only teach how to sing in their own way, which may or may not be correct for others. It is important for them to know what they are doing when they tell someone else how to sing.

They must be able to communicate their ideas and instructions in an easy-to-understand manner.

Having these qualities will not only make them better teachers, but it can also improve the quality of singing throughout a community.
Singing teachers must also have a strong belief in their students. They need to believe that they can accomplish anything they set out to do, and that with the right attitude and technique, they will reach for the stars!

Vocal teachers need to be aware of the direction of where singing is going in the modern world. With all these new genres coming out, such as classical, jazz, pop, rock, it is important for singing teachers to understand what style and type of music they are teaching so that when students ask questions about those types of music, they can give good answers and explain why certain things work with some styles but not others.

Only Individual Singing Lessons in Warsaw, otherwise it is difficult to get good results

The market for music lessons is crowded. We write about our lessons with the confidence that you will find a great music teacher in Warsaw at our school. Goal is lessons that bring joy to singing. We also put as a point of honor the level of our approach to students. At our private, in-house music school, we offer comprehensive private singing lessons, vocal tutoring and theory instruction. Our teachers speak fluent English, making it easy for us to communicate with our clients from all over the world. Individual singing lessons are a proven solution for people who want to develop their musical abilities quickly.

Our singers take their singing very seriously and work hard on their voice every day taking singing lessons or singing karaoke online. They mainly focus on proper breathing technique, how to use your diaphragm when singing, maintaining good posture during vocal exercises and learning new songs quickly… Singing is one of the most popular musical activities around the world today because everyone loves to hear other people sing!

Singing brings joy to your life

Whether it’s in a band, church choir or even just sitting at home and practicing your favorite song by yourself. The love of singing will last a lifetime!

A singing teacher can help you make better sound choices depending on what type of voice you have, as well as what style of music you want to sing – jazz or pop, classical opera or modern?

Whatever style you choose, there are singing techniques that overlap between genres. These techniques must be practiced; they will help you develop healthy habits as you prepare for auditions and performances. Productivity in learning is related to diligent work and an educator who introduces you to the world of learning without stress. In Unisono Music Academy, we also pay attention to preparation for musical performances. Unisono Music Academy conducts a series of musical concerts, which you will see in the Gallery tab.

What to look for when choosing a voice teacher?

Do you want to learn how to sing better? It is important that you have someone who knows how to evaluate your singing skills. This is important because you need someone who can tell you what you need to do to get better at singing.

You can choose to get voice lessons or join a music class if you want to improve your singing. You can also learn on your own with books or online resources, but it would be better if you have someone who can “have an ear” on your progress and give you feedback on how to improve the sound of your voice.

Here are some tips to help you find a good singing teacher

Verify if the teacher is a professional. If the person is not an experienced singer, he/she may not be able to give quality feedback on how to improve your voice and sing better. Make sure that the person has a lot of experience in teaching people and is also a practicing musician.

Check the teaching methods and style of the teacher. You need to know how he teaches people and what his vocal style is. The educator should have an effective way to induce good singing habits and skills in the student. At the same time, you should not forget that it is your choice how much effort you put into improving your voice. Some teachers may require more effort from students.

Check singing teaching history

Find out how long the person has been teaching others. This strongly relates to the age group of the teacher as well. When you notice that a singing teacher has been teaching for several years, it is likely that he or she knows what he or she is doing. Because he has educated others in singing. Does the teacher have knowledge of similar problems in voice work? It is important knows how to teach proper singing techniques. However, if this person has no experience performing music or teaching others how to sing well, then don’t be surprised if he/she doesn’t know much about helping people with their vocals. The most difficult situations are when students start learning from the wrong experts who contribute to developing bad and hard to reverse habits. Such situations can lead to giving up altogether, despite the good aptitude of the student.

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