Piano Lessons in Warsaw

Benefits of piano tuition in Unisono Academy

We focus on classical music, and are using it as a gateway to the world of beauty. Piano lessons are one of the best things to increase brain neuroplasticity and promote brain growth. We think this is really important exercise for kids and adults. We work fully individually. It is even much more.

Piano Lessons Warsaw, Unisono Music Academy
Piano lessons on real instruments

11 Years of individual and tailored piano programme

We teach piano lessons to children and adults. We are doing it for more than 11 years. In addition, our teaches are musicians and have taught a number of students which some are now performing artists. We take pride in what we do. 

Real music concerts as a part of learning cycle

Concerts are part of the learning cycle and are performed in music hall in the Powsin Botanic Garden. In conclusion, piano is great and is one of the best musical instruments you can use to start your music journey. In fact pianists are not only able to see the music and learn about the music they read, but perform on.

Learn Piano Individually In Warsaw

We are located on the Konstancińska 9 / 1 street in Warsaw. Moreover, our academy is equipped with 4 pianos and grand piano which was used by Polish Virtuoso Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

Our Teachers

Please visit Dr. Artur Chmara and Yulia Leviuk pages.