Piano Lessons in Warsaw

We focus on classical music, and are using it as a gateway to the world of beauty. Piano lessons are one of the best things to increase brain neuroplasticity and promote brain growth. We think this is really important exercise for kids and adults. We work fully individually. It is even much more.

Decades of individual and tailored piano programme

We teach piano lessons to children and adults. We are doing it for more than 11 years. In addition, our teaches are musicians and have taught a number of students which some are now performing artists. We take pride in what we do. 

Specially adapted space for best tuition effects

Grand Piano on which Ignacy Paderewski Trained

A perfect class for learning piano would have a number of key characteristics that would make it an effective and enjoyable learning experience for students. We own good quality pianos and constantly tune them for the students. The Unisono Music Academy owns a vintage Kerntopf I Son piano, on which Ignacy Jan Paderewski, the great Polish pianist and Statesman, practiced.

We focus on creating positive and supportive learning environment. This helps students feel more comfortable and confident in their learning. This may involve providing a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and offering individualized support for whole tuition process. We only provide lessons in one to one format.

A skilled and knowledgeable instructor is essential for providing high-quality piano instruction. An instructor with a strong background in music education and piano performance can provide valuable guidance and support to students as they learn to play the instrument.

Providing students with access to high-quality resources and materials, such as sheet music, and instructional tips that can help support their learning and progress.

Regular practice: Regular practice is essential for making progress in piano lessons. Encouraging students to set aside time for practice and providing them with guidance on how to practice effectively can help ensure that they are able to make steady progress on the instrument.

Perfect class for learning piano have a combination of these characteristics, providing students with the support, resources, and guidance they need to make steady progress on the instrument.

Real music concerts as a part of learning cycle

Concerts are part of the learning cycle. Our students perform in music hall in the Powsin Botanic Garden and Szustra Palace in Warsaw. In conclusion, piano is great and is one of the best musical instruments you can use to start your music journey. In fact pianists are not only able to see the music and learn about the music they read, but perform on.

Learn Piano Individually In Warsaw

We are located on the Konstancińska 9 / 1 street in Warsaw. Moreover, our academy is equipped with 4 pianos and grand piano. Grand piano was used by Polish Virtuoso Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

Our teachers providing the most sophisticated piano lessons

Please visit Dr. Artur Chmara and Yulia Leviuk pages. We care about the highest possible level of education. What is important each class is conducted individually. We prepare piano students not only to play, but also to perform at concerts. It is very important to be able to play the instrument efficiently. We also attach importance to learning the correct musical theory, but we do not tire our students with endless practice. We care about practice. You can hear recordings of our concerts on our YouTube channel. It is undeniable that for years our pupils have been constantly developing musically. Dr. Arthur introduces you to the true beauty of piano music. Perfecting the skills takes place in Unisono Warsaw Music School. All classes are filled with passion and love for the music flowing from the piano.

Regardless of the level

We are happy to introduce them to the world of musical art, where the work gives direct results and allows for inner development. Dr. Artur Chmara conducts piano lessons for students at all levels, from beginners to advanced adults, as well as music theory classes for children and adults. He also efficiently prepares for the international ABRSM exams.

You will have a wonderful opportunity to develop your own musical expression. Learning to play the piano is a good way for everyone to build self-esteem. Playing the piano is a great way to improve your memory and concentration skills. Learning to play the piano, or any other musical instrument, will help you learn more about yourself and how you work.

Creativity and the beauty of music

This is a sure way to be more creative in all areas of your life. It’s great fun, too! Music is undeniably an international language that children and adults around the world understand! Good musicians know how to focus their attention. Music undeniably instills discipline and allows us to have control over something in our lives that can bring us joy. Playing the piano can bring you joy, no matter where you perform. It can also get you through difficult times when things seem overwhelming (like getting through those last few weeks before school starts again).

6 reasons why piano lessons are beneficial
  • Learning to play an instrument teaches self-discipline
  • Music can help kids with grades
  • People who play music tend to be happier
  • Practicing music has a positive effect on the ability to focus
  • Children who play instruments do better in all subjects, not just music
  • Playing music increases creativity

Classical piano is special

Classical piano lessons focus on the study and performance of classical music for the piano. This can include the study of music from a variety of historical periods, such as the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern periods. A rich and diverse repertoire is part of our classical piano tuition. It is vast and diverse, with music from a variety of historical periods and styles. We provide provide students with a wide range of musical experiences and allow them to explore musical expressions.

An emphasis on technical skill and musicality. Classical piano lessons place a strong emphasis on technical skill and musicality, helping students to develop a high level of proficiency on the instrument.

The opportunity to learn from a rich musical tradition. Unisono piano lessons provide students with the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by a rich musical tradition that spans centuries.

The chance to study with experienced instructors. Out piano lessons are taught by experienced instructors who have a deep knowledge of the music and can provide students with valuable guidance and support.