2020 Carols Concert

January 26th 2020 – the time when we heard the carols again

This year we did our Concert of Carols on January 26th 2020. Even though it was January  behind the windows we had almost spring weather inside the beautiful Fangor Mansion. In the concert hall we enjoyed warm atmosphere recalling us of the Christmas December Concert we did here several weeks ago.

The carols played by our students created beautiful and emotional atmosphere in the audience. And especially when Emily Schandler (violin) – who recently came from the US – played the carols Wśród nocnej ciszy (In the Middle of the Holy Night) and Gdy się Chrystus rodzi (When Christ is Born) accompanied by the beautifully harmonized part of piano.

The Concert begun with performances presented by the students of Alicja Zdrojewska Class of Vocal:

  • Alicja Nagot did Mustang – The Spirit of Freedom for Dreamers;
  • Patrycja Tabor sung What I Know Now, by  Beetlejuice;
  • Marysia Kobielska presented Send My Love, by Adele;
  • Karolina Kowalska sung Prom Queen, by Beach Bunny;
  • Weronika Gwardys did Autumn Leaves arranged by Eve Cassidy.

Yuliya Leviuk Class of Piano was represented by:

  • Helenka (seven years old) who did Przybieżeli do Betlejem Pasterze (As the Shepards Run to the Betlehem);
  • Max Shao who presented miniature The Trolls by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Marysia Kowalczyk played the carol Wśród  nocnej ciszy (In the Middle of the Holy Night);
  • Maja Myczyńska played Waltz by Dimitr Kabalevsky and miniature Dzwoneczek (Tiny Bell) by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Basia Sobka did Gigue by Carlos de Seixas;
  • Karolina Kowalska played Prelude by Carl Reinecke;
  • Ola Kmiecik presented Allegretto Giocoso by Cornelius Gurlitt;

Dr Krzysztof Komarnicki Class of Guitar was represented by:

  • Gustav   performed carols  Przybieżeli do Betlejem pasterze (As the Shepards Run to the Betlehem) and Dzisiaj w Betlejem (Today in Betlehem);
  • Achille d’Orgeval did Rondeau by  Mauro Giuliani.

Katarzyna Tarkowska Class of Cello was represented by:

  • Sam Chandler who played Minuet from  the Suite in G-Major for cello solo  by Johan Sebastian Bach.

Dr Artur Chmara Class of piano was represented by:

  • Zosia Belgy who played Mały utwór (A Little Work) by Karol Czerny;
  • Julia Jędrzejczak presented Walczyk ( Little Waltz) a miniature by Włodzimierz Miksein;
  • Emily Chandler (piano) played The Little Prelude in d-Minor by Johan Sebastian Bach;
  • Jaś Piwoński played  Flight Departure by Michael Giacchino;
  • Oliwia Ziontecka presented Klaus Badelt famous hit from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean Sea.

Zofia Zwolińska Class of Violin was represented by:

  • Zosia Kowalczyk who played Koleżanki (Friends) a song from the violin repertoire for children;
  • Kenny Shao presented My jesteśmy krasnoludki (We are the Dwarfs)  – a traditional Polish folk song;
  • Avril Lange played Korowód (Dancing Procession) by Natalya Baklanova;
  • Haruki Shimizu played the  first part of The Violin Concerto by Oscar Rieding.

All  students of the Class of Violin were accompanied by Dr Artur Chmara – piano teacher of our Academy.

At the end of the Concert we heard Ella Bai, former student of Zofia Zwolińska Class od Violin, who performed Polonaise by Emil Młynarski. Ella is now student in Joanna Okoń Class of Violin at the Musical High School in Warsaw (Joanna Okoń is former student of Zofia Zwolińska).

The soloists were announced by Dr Krzysztof Komarnicki – teacher of our Academy.

After the Concert Zofia Zwolińska congratulated the soloists and their teachers and invited all to the tray of candies traditionally served at the end of the event.