2024 Annual Concert

This year our school’s annual concert took place exceptionally early, on the 2nd of June 2024. Summer was approaching and a stormy aura was hanging over us. Therefore, the 2024 Annual Concert began when a violent storm broke over Warsaw. During the concert, lightning crackled outside the window and rain with rhythmic drops underlined the … Read more

Spring Concert 2024

With the arrival of spring, an exceptionally warm aura greeted us. Therefore, the Spring Concert, although still very early, on March 24, 2024, took place against the backdrop of the unfolding greenery that arose outside the windows of the Szustr Palace, a joyful harbinger of the coming summer. From the piano class of Hanna Malashka … Read more

Carol Concert 2023/2024

This school year the date of the Carol Concert was set in the pre-Christmas period. It was held on 17 December 2023, in conjunction with this year’s winter holidays, which fell on the usual dates of our Carol Concerts. First and foremost, the Carol Concerts are an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their musical … Read more

November 2023 Concert

The concert season for the 2023/24 school year began with the November concert, traditionally held at the historic Szustra Palace. Ah, November – this time of year reminds us of the coming winter and gives us a feeling of pleasant preparation. It is a beautiful musical time when we can enjoy the sounds and chords … Read more

Annual Concert 2023

Annual Concert 2023 was held at the majestic Szustra Palace, where the beautiful natural surroundings provided a unique backdrop for the music. The event was eagerly anticipated by all, and the students had the opportunity to showcase the skills and artistry they had honed throughout the year. The beauty of the music met the beauty … Read more

Spring Concert 2023

The Unisono Music Academy Spring Concert 2023 took place on 20 April and was an exceptional event, full of music, talent and emotion. Despite the absence of some students due to illnesses and pre-planned trips, the atmosphere was full of joy and pride. The hall of the Szustra Palace in Mokotow proved to be the … Read more

2023 Carol Concert

The Carol Concert 2023, which everyone had been waiting for, took place on Sunday, 29 January 2023 at the Szustra Palace. Opening the concert, director Zofia Zwolińska recalled the traditions of Polish carols. She mentioned that among all countries, Poland can boast the greatest number of them. There are as many as 600 pastorals and … Read more

Autumn Concert 2022

The weather on the day of the Autumn Concert, which took place on Saturday, November 19, 2022, greeted us with a wintry aura. Snow fell, and the sulfurous frost did not let up. In the 14 years of our School’s operation, only one of the Fall Concerts was held in similar conditions. That was in … Read more

2022 Grand Concert

2022 Grand Concert is a continuation of our musical tradition that has started in year 2008. On Sunday, June 12, 2022, we met at Warsaw’s Szustra Palace for the festive Annual Concert of our Music School. The long-awaited concert happened at the end of the school year. Students and teachers have put a lot of … Read more

Spring Concert 2022

Unisono Music Academy Warsaw is proud to present our annual Spring Concert 2022, a special event that brings together all of our talented students to showcase their musical abilities. Our institution organizes periodic concerts related to different themes. We are glad that this concert brought clear joy to the participants of the event. Every concert … Read more