Annual Concert 2023

Annual Concert 2023 was held at the majestic Szustra Palace, where the beautiful natural surroundings provided a unique backdrop for the music. The event was eagerly anticipated by all, and the students had the opportunity to showcase the skills and artistry they had honed throughout the year. The beauty of the music met the beauty of nature, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for all present.

On 11 June, the 2023 Annual Concert took place at the majestic Szustra Palace, earlier than in previous years. The nature around the palace was breathtaking and the summer atmosphere filled the air with birdsong.

The beauty of the Annual Concert lies in the diversity of the repertoire, the artistic commitment of the participants and the atmosphere of togetherness and respect for the arts. It is also a moment of joy and pride for the parents, who can proudly watch their children perform.

The Annual Concerts are moments that evoke emotions, inspire, but also educate and develop artistic passions. They are not only artistic events, but also a celebration of music and an expression of respect for the talent and effort of the artists who share their talent with the public. It is a moment when music becomes a common language and unites people’s hearts in a single sound.

Annual Concert 2023 – Performances by our students

Although the end of the school year was still two weeks away, the students at our school were looking forward to the date of the concert that would sum up their year of instrumental learning.

The time has come for students, teachers and audiences to come together for a journey through music and art that allows us to step away from our everyday lives for a moment and immerse ourselves in a unique sonic journey. It is the beauty of the Annual Concert that for a moment we are immersed in the world of music, enriching our lives and leaving us with beautiful memories long after this special evening has ended.

The annual concert was opened by a student of Piotr Nermer’s violin class, little Chu Chu, with a song from the repertoire of Russian violin pedagogy, ‘The Quail’.

Piotr Nermer’s violin class was also represented:

  • Leyau Wan, also a student of Piotr Nermer, played Natalia Baklanova’s Lullaby.
  • Sofia Zhukova from the piano class performed:
  • Amelia Górecka with two miniatures ‘Rock it away’ and ‘Summertime Polka’.

From the class of Tatiana Fedchun performed:

  • Zoriana Poladko-Alleyen with the Ukrainian folk song “Oj ty dziewczyna”.
  • Hanna Malashka’s piano class was represented by
  • Jeremi Filar, who performed Issak Berkowicz’s Etude in C Major.
  • Hania Kaczmarska, who played Krystyna Druszkiewiczowa’s miniature “Fairy Tale”.

The performers from Yulia Lewiuk’s piano class were:

  • Roma Fiderkiewicz, who played a miniature by Agnieszka Lasko called ‘The Clown’,
  • Zosia Belgy, who played Allegretto by Jan Vanhal
  • Kan Kan, who performed a minuet by Jean-Philippe Rameau
  • Karolina Kowalska, who performed Waltz No. 3 by Johannes Brahms.

Performers from Zofia Zwolińska’s violin class were:

  • Jadzia Wichary with the song “Sad Nightingale” from the repertoire of Russian violin pedagogy.
  • Tosia Rytel with the song “Let’s go to the orchard to pick raspberries” from the repertoire of Russian violin pedagogy.
  • Hanyu Lang playing Carl Bohm’s Introduction and Rondo
  • Emily Chandler, who performed Charles Dancel’s First Solo.

Annual Concert 2023 – Performance by Ella Bai

The concert ended with a performance by Ella Bai. Her performance was of the first movement of Henryk Wieniawski’s Violin Concerto. Ella delighted us not only with her brilliant performance of the technical movements of Wieniawski’s concerto, but above all with her depth of musical expression and beautiful tone.

This was a wonderful encouragement for those students who, like Ella, are taking their first steps at our Unisono Author’s Music School. Ella has been studying at our school since she was very young. You can meet her through the photos in our ABRSM exam reports:

From the very beginning of her musical adventure, Ella has shown exceptional ability and dedication to perfecting her art. Her constant effort and work on her musical skills has resulted in an impressive level of performance. Teachers and the whole school community have watched with pride as she has grown artistically, learning new skills and exploring the art.

The concerts, including the Annual Concert, were not only an opportunity for Elly to showcase her talent, but also a unique artistic experience. Her performances were not only awe-inspiring in their technical mastery, but more importantly conveyed the depth of musical expression and emotion that flowed from each note.

Ella was an inspiration to other students, encouraging them to continually improve and follow their artistic dreams. Her positive attitude and dedication to music created a unique atmosphere in our school and attracted others to follow their musical ambitions.

We are delighted that Ella remembers our school with such appreciation and fondness. Her presence among our students has left a lasting mark and proves that our Unisono Music School is a place where you can discover and develop your artistic talents, surrounded by the support of teachers and the music community. Ella will now continue her studies at the most prestigious classical music university in the USA.


As usual, after the concert, all the performing students gathered on stage to receive congratulations for their successful performances and to thank the teachers for their fruitful work. The headteacher also thanked the parents and grandparents for their help and support in the musical development of their children.

The concerts give the students a goal to achieve. The opportunity to showcase their skills on stage gives them extra motivation to work hard on their repertoire. By seeing and hearing other talented performers, they become more inspired and determined to improve their skills. Concerts turn the study of music theory into a practical experience. Students have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, which helps them to better understand and master music.