2024 Annual Concert

This year our school’s annual concert took place exceptionally early, on the 2nd of June 2024. Summer was approaching and a stormy aura was hanging over us. Therefore, the 2024 Annual Concert began when a violent storm broke over Warsaw. During the concert, lightning crackled outside the window and rain with rhythmic drops underlined the emotion of the music. Despite the inclement weather, the students gave their all and delivered a memorable performance.

One teacher even jokingly commented that we had a real concert sound system to go with the weather. Luckily, everyone had time to gather in the concert hall. Concert took place in Szustra Palace.

  • Annual Concert 2024
    Annual Concert 2024

From Hanna Malashka’s piano class, the following performed

  • Julian Farafonov, who played the folk tune “Sitting Hare Under the Spit.”
  • Julian’s sister, Klara, played an excerpt from the overture to the opera “Wilhelm Tell” by Giacomo Rossini
  • Marcelina Rytel played an excerpt from Jacques Offenbach’s famous “Cancan”
  • Melania Mayanova performed Felix Rybicki’s miniature “First Steps”
  • Gaja Juchniewicz was heard in “Fairy Tale” from the repertoire of piano pedagogy
  • Hania Kaczmarska performed in duet with the Professor a piece by Janina Garcia “On the pipe” and solo two miniatures by David Bruce “Plim file” and “Enchanted snake”
  • Jacek Dardzinski was heard in Karl Czerny’s Etude in C Major and Boris Savelyev’s “Song of the Cat”
  • Jeremi Filar performed a piano adaptation of Franz Schubert’s “Serenade”
  • Zofia Garczyńska was heard in Feliks Rybicki’s “Highlander Melody” and in Ludwig Schytte’s Etude.

From Yulia Levyuk’s piano class, they performed

  • Staś Przydacz – in an excerpt from Jacques Offenbach’s “Gallop”
  • Kan Kan – in “Spanish Serenade” by Jose Ferrer
  • Basia Sobka performed two pieces : Astor Piazolla Duo from Midsummer Night’s Dreame
  • Johan Strauss Waltz from “Tales of the Vienna Woods”.

From Anastasia Seraya’s piano class performed Amelia Goretskaya, who played a piece from Wiliard Palmer’s collection, “Rockin’ Half Steps.”

From Tatiana Fedchun’s piano class performed Zoriana Poladko with a piece from Ludwig van Beethoven’s “Fur Elise.”

From Piotr Nermer’s violin class, the performers were:

  • Hua Wang, who performed “Ballad” by Charls Dancli
  • Weronika Brona, who performed “Song Without Words” by Felix Mendelsohnn-Bartholly

From the class of Zofia Zwolinska performed:

  • Staś Przydacz, who performed “Procession” by Natalia Bakłanova
  • Tosia Rytel who performed “Romance” by Natalia Baklanova.

The violinists were accompanied by Tatiana Fedchun.

The soloists’ performances were announced by Berenika Zwolinska.

At the end of the concert, Principal Zofia Zwolinska emphasized how great a role in the adult life of each student will be brought by the experience of performing on stage. In our School, contrary to the trends that currently prevail in art education, we emphasize first and foremost the musical development of students, the formation of musicality in contact with the instrument. Therefore, during performances, it is the musical line that guides the young soloists, eliminating any mishaps that might happen to them on stage. In this way, as they perform frequently, we build the students’ stage experience. And it is in adult life that allows the freedom to speak in front of a wide audience, builds self-esteem and confidence.

End of the 2024 Annual Concert

Then, in front of the audience, all the soloists, along with their teachers, performed in groups once again and were rewarded by the audience with thunderous applause. The Headmistress thanked the teachers for such a successful and dedicated work with the students, congratulated the students for such a successful performance and also addressed her thanks to the Parents and Grandparents for their care in the musical education of their Children at our School.

The thunderstorm outside the windows had passed, and everyone went home feeling very happy about the successful concert.

Afterwards, all the soloists, together with their teachers, gave another group performance in front of the audience and were applauded by the audience. The Headmistress thanked the teachers for their successful and dedicated work with the students, congratulated the students on such a successful performance and also thanked the parents and grandparents for their care in the musical education of their children at our school.

The evening ended with a beautiful band performance by the students, teachers and soloists. Their harmonious melodies filled the hall with warmth and joy, leaving everyone impressed with their talent and dedication.

Despite the unexpected weather problems, as they say, the show must go on. The students demonstrated not only their technical skills, but also their ability to adapt and thrive in less than ideal conditions. As the rain pelted the windows of the concert hall, it seemed that nature itself was providing the sound effects for an immersive musical experience. The 2024 Annual Concert will be remembered not only for its extraordinary talent, but also for braving real storms to make beautiful music together.

Why are concerts important for student development?

Annual concerts are an important part of the music school’s calendar of events and play a key role in the artistic and educational development of the students. For Unisono students, these special concerts are not only an opportunity to showcase their musical skills, but also an important part of their artistic training and a chance to gain valuable stage experience.

One of the main reasons why the annual concerts are so important for the music students is the opportunity to showcase their own progress in learning to play an instrument or sing. Preparing for a public performance requires a student’s concentration, determination and hard work on repertoire. This is an important challenge for students, helping them to develop their technical and interpretive skills.

In addition, the annual concerts allow students to overcome stage fright and build confidence on stage. Performing in front of an audience is not only a technical test, but also an attempt to perform under pressure and to control emotions. Participating in concerts allows you to turn this stage fright into positive energy and to enjoy the music and the contact with the audience.

In an educational context, the annual concerts are of great importance in developing the listener’s musical sensitivity and forming his or her taste. Familiarising oneself with the diverse repertoire presented at the concerts allows one to broaden one’s musical horizons and discover new musical genres and styles. It is an invaluable opportunity to explore the world of sound and to broaden one’s passion and musical interests.

In addition, the annual concerts provide an excellent opportunity for social integration and bonding between music students. Preparing for a performance together, exchanging advice and supporting each other, fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support. Concerts are also moments of communion with art in its most beautiful form – bringing people together through the emotions evoked by music.

For the teachers at Unisono, organising annual concerts is not only an opportunity to showcase their students’ achievements, but also to promote the institution and build relationships with the students’ parents. By attending such events, parents can follow their children’s progress and appreciate the work their teachers put into their artistic development.