Spring Concert 2024

With the arrival of spring, an exceptionally warm aura greeted us. Therefore, the Spring Concert, although still very early, on March 24, 2024, took place against the backdrop of the unfolding greenery that arose outside the windows of the Szustr Palace, a joyful harbinger of the coming summer.

From the piano class of Hanna Malashka performed:

  • Julian Farafonov with the song “Few of us to bake bread “piano pedagogical literature
  • Marcelina Rytel with a song from “Wla³c³e kotek na płotek” from piano pedagogical literature
  • Melania Mayanova played the miniature “Merry Pajacyk” by Krystyna Druszkiewiczova
  • Hania Kaczmarska was heard in the leading motif of the first movement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nacht Music”
  • Jeremi Filar played the Minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Zofia Garczyńska performed the “Morning” movement from Peer Gynt’s Suite No. 1, Op. 46

From Julia Lewiuk’s piano class, the following performed:

  • Roma Fiderkiewicz, who played Agnieszka Lasko’s piece “Little Elephant and Big Elephant”
  • Kan Kan performed a Minuet by Johann Sebastian Bach and Vitaliy Gerasimov’s “Lullaby.”
  • Helenka Hakiel was heard in the song “Holiday in Paris” by William Gillock
  • Performed by Katarzyna Sobek, we heard the piece “Little flower girl in Paris” by William Gilock

From the piano class of Tatiana Fedchun performed:

  • Zoryana Poladko with “Turkish March” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

From the violin class of Zofia Zwolinska performed:

  • Jadzia Wichary, who played a miniature by Ludwig van Beethoven titled “The Mockingbird”

From Piotr Nermer’s violin class, the following performed:

  • Hua Wang, who performed Oskar Rieding’s Violin Concerto in B minor
  • Veronika Brona, whose performance included George Frederick Handel’s Aria and Rondinello.

The violin class students were accompanied by Tatiana Fedchun.

The soloists were announced by Liza Pietraga.

After the concert, School Principal Zofia Zwolinska invited all the performers and educators to the stage and congratulated them on the artistic achievements they had earned over the period between them and the Carol Concert. She also thanked the Parents and Grandparents for watching over their children’s work on the instrument at home and for bringing them regularly to lessons, thanks to which the progress in musical development could be presented by the students of our School at another concert this year.