Autumn Concert 2017

Unisono Autumn Concert 2017 was awaited event. This time our Unisono Musical School gave its autumn concert a little bit earlier as it used to be before. We met at Fangor manor-house in Powsin November 21st 2017 . The brightly illuminated concert hall contrasted with autumn-covered trees outside in the Botanic Garden.

Among the soloists who performed that evening  were pupils who  commenced their musical education in our School in September or even  in October this year.

  •  Unisono Music Academy 2017 Autumn Concert Photos
  • Unisono Music Academy 2017 Autumn Concert Photos
  • Unisono Music Academy 2017 Autumn Concert Photos
  • Unisono Music Academy 2017 Autumn Concert Photos
  • Unisono Music Academy 2017 Autumn Concert Photos

Ms. Julia Leviuk class of piano represented:

  • Victor Polipot who played Polla by Krystyna Druszkiewiczowa, and Bear Song by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Jan Piwoński who performed Tale About the Clock by Krystyna Druszkiewiczowa, and Night Dwarfs by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Robin Schwaegli played Funny Dwarfs and Snake by Allan Bollard;
  • Madelin Hoijer played Minuet by Leopold Mozart;
  • Pola Rossokhina performed Etude in C Major  by Ludvig Schytte and Allegretto by Jean Baptiste Lully;
  • Bianca Zolumov played Etude  C Major by Helena Gnesina and Trouble from  the pedagogic piano repertoire;
  • Simona Proycheva executed Sonatina in G Major by Ludvig van Beethoven and Clowns by Dimitr Kabalevsky.

Magda Lewandowska class of piano was represented by:

  • Ignaś Laskowski who played two songs from Polish piano pedagogic repertoire, Master John and Kitten on the Fence;
  • Marysia Hanyga  performed Minuet by Aleksander Reinagle;
  • Franciszek Grygorczuk  executed two songs – In the Brick made Basement and Ode to Joy from the juvenile piano repertoire;
  • Nathan Caniard performed Musette by Johann Sebastian Bach;
  • Ignaś Zaradkiewicz played Allegretto and Comodo from Sonatina op. 54 no. 14 by Janina Garścia;
  • Arsenis Voloshyn executed Etude in G Major  by Damo;
  • Jojo Yang Yi  presented At the Mountain King by Edward Grieg;
  • Aleksandra Kmiecik  played Jan Tirsen  musical motive from the movie Amelia; and
  • Zosia Tomaszek who presented musical motive from the movie Mariage  d’Amour.

Zofia Zwolińska class of violin was represented by

  • Marysia Frączak performed Ecossese by Franz Schubert;
  • Julia Jaworska presented Aria and Rondinella by Joseph Friedrich Haendel;
  • Ella Bai performed Cantabile¸ by Krzesimir Dębski; and
  • Natalya Voloshina who played first part from Spring Sonata by Ludvig van Beethoven.

Ending of Autumn Concert 2017

After the Autumn Concert 2017, Zofia Zwolińska, Director of the Unisono Music School congratulated all soloists for their performance,  teachers of the School for their angagement in teaching, parents for their support in practicing music at home and preparation of the repertoire, and the audience who filled the entire concert hall and warmly applauded the soloists.

At the end of the event Zofia Zwolińska invited all to the next concert which will be devoted to carols and will be held January 17th 2018.