Carol Concert 2023/2024

This school year the date of the Carol Concert was set in the pre-Christmas period. It was held on 17 December 2023, in conjunction with this year’s winter holidays, which fell on the usual dates of our Carol Concerts. First and foremost, the Carol Concerts are an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their musical skills and talents. The carol concerts are also an excellent opportunity to integrate the school community and celebrate the Christmas season together. It is also important that the concerts are well organised and professional so that the audience can enjoy a high quality performance. In addition, music school concerts can be a great way to promote the school and encourage new students to join the music programme. All of these elements are important to the success of music school carol concerts.

Caroling takes on a special charm when accompanied by white powdery snow. Snow adds a unique atmosphere and makes these beautiful songs sound even more beautiful. Although the lyrics of carols are full of beautiful words and messages, it is the atmosphere of the snowy scenery that can give them extra charm. So let’s enjoy the winter landscape together and let the carols ring in our hearts, even if they don’t directly mention the beauty of Christmas.

Although the November concert was only a month away, the students were enthusiastically preparing new repertoire to present on stage. In welcoming the soloists and guests, Zofia Zwolinska, the headmistress of the school, reminded us of the rich tradition of 600 Polish carols and pastorals, which is unique in the world outside our country.

She also emphasised that the Carol Concert is an excellent opportunity to celebrate together and build bonds between students, teachers and the school community.
The stage was filled with the most beautiful Polish carols, sung by students from all year groups. The wonderful voices of the soloists, the harmonious sound of the choir and the playing of the instruments created a wonderful atmosphere. The audience was delighted and applauded the young artists warmly.
Some of the songs performed were true classics, such as “Silent Night”, “God is Born” and “Lulajże Jezuniu”. But there were also lesser-known songs that the students prepared with great dedication and passion. It was a truly unforgettable evening full of beautiful music and Christmas spirit.

After the concert, everyone was invited to taste traditional Christmas dishes prepared by parents and teachers. It was a perfect moment to share wishes and spend time in a joyful atmosphere.

The carol concert was a real event that allowed us to feel the beauty of Christmas and share it with our loved ones. Thank you all for your participation and dedication. We look forward to many more such special moments! We wish everyone a joyful and loving Christmas and the fulfilment of their dreams in the New Year! May carols be with us always.

Director Sophie Zwolinska’s memories of concerts in Venezuela

Recalling her stay in Venezuela, where she was a member of the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, Zofia Zwolinska said that it was there that she came across the performance of pastorals by the “Chiciticos” children’s ensemble. It was these pastorals that enchanted her with the charm of spontaneity in melody and performance. Venezuela is a country full of musical passion and talent, and the encounter with the pastorals was a real experience for Sophie. NIestety, now badly damaged by communism. Her heart blossomed at the sound of this extraordinary music, which radiated the joy and carefree nature of childhood. Not to be forgotten is the band “Chiciticos”, who won the hearts of Sophia and the entire audience with their performance of pastorals. Their energetic and enthusiastic performance made everyone feel like a child at a Christmas concert.

It is moments like these that make music more than just sound. It transports us to another world, full of emotion and beauty. Thanks to this concert, Sophie was able to experience this magical moment and share it with others.

Start of Carlos Concert

That afternoon, during our concert, the concert hall of the Szustra Palace resounded with carols in various forms – from those played with one hand on the piano keyboard by a five-year-old student starting her education at our school, to an unusually rich arrangement of the carol “God is Born” performed by the oldest student of the piano class.

The concert was opened by a student of Hanna Malashko’s piano class – Clara Farafonov with the song “Under the night silence”.

Also from Hanna Malashko’s class performed

  • Jacek Dardzinski, who played the song “Jesus the little one”,
  • Zosia Garczyńska in the song “Let’s all go to the stable”,
  • Hania Kaczmarska sang two carols: “Today in Bethlehem” solo and with Mrs Professor in duet “When Christ is born”.
  • Jeremi Filar performed a piece by Edvard Grieg, “Morning”.

Zofia Zwolinska’s violin class performed:

  • Jadzia Wichary, who performed the song “When Christ is born”.
  • Staś Przydacz, who appeared on stage for the second time and played the following songs on the violin “Today in Bethlehem” and “In the silence of the night”.
  • Tosia Rytel sang the song “When Christ was born”.

Yulia Levyuk’s piano class performed:

  • Staś Przydacz, this time on the piano, performed the song “In the silence of the night”.
  • Roma Fiderkiewicz sang the song “Let’s all go to the stable”.
  • Alina Piryna sang the Ukrainian folk melody “Shchedryk”, arranged by Mykola Leontovych, and Agnieszka Laska’s miniature “Tik tak”.
  • Kan Kan performed a piece by Bin Kaneda called “Dance of the Geese”.
  • Helenka Hakiel presented the famous “Last Christmas” by George Michel.
  • Basia Sobka concluded the presentation of carols at our concert with an unusually elaborate piano version of the carol “God is Born”.

Piotr Nermer’s violin class was represented by:

  • Veronika Bron, who performed Witold Krotkiewski’s Etude.

From Tatiana Fedchun’s piano class:

  • Zoriana Poladko performed two miniatures, “Jingo Bells” and “Carol of the Bell”.

The violinists were accompanied on the piano by Tatiana Fedchun.

Finish of Carols Concert

At the end of the concert, Zofia Zwolinska congratulated the soloists and their teachers for their dedicated work in preparing the concert repertoire and the final result of this work presented on stage. She also thanked the parents and grandparents for supporting the musical education of the students of our school and invited everyone to the Spring Concert, which will take place on 24 March this year.

We would also like to thank the parents and grandparents for their support in the musical education of the students of our school. Without your commitment and support, such achievements would not be possible. We are looking forward to the Spring Concert which will take place on 24th March this year. I am sure it will be an exceptional event, full of beautiful music and the talent of our students.
We are very happy that the students of our music school have the opportunity to perform in our concerts. It is truly a wonderful opportunity that allows them to develop their musical skills. Thanks to such performances, the students have the chance to gain valuable experience and improve their playing on their instruments. It is extremely inspiring for all of our students to be able to watch and learn from their peers. It is also a great opportunity for parents and the school community to admire the talent of our young musicians. We are proud of our students’ achievements and we are proud to support them on their musical journey.

What is beautiful about Polish carol songs?

The beauty of Polish songs lies in their rich history and deep connection to tradition. These songs, with their memorable melodies and stirring harmonies, have been passed down from generation to generation and carry the essence of Polish culture and spirituality. Each carol tells a story that reflects the deep-rooted faith and resilience of the Polish people.
It is impossible not to be enchanted by the unique musical arrangements of Polish carols, which often combine elements of classical music with folk traditions. The intricate harmonies and captivating rhythms evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, inviting the listener into a world where ancient customs are preserved through song. In addition, the heartfelt lyrics convey themes of hope, love and joy – universal emotions that transcend language barriers. Indeed, Polish carols capture the essence of the holiday season – uniting communities through shared melodies and timeless messages of peace and goodwill. These songs remind us that amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life, there is still beauty to be found in honouring age-old customs and enjoying the simple joys of music and community.
As the melodious tunes of Polish carols float through the air, people gather and their voices blend harmoniously into a perfect symphony. The tradition of carol singing in Poland dates back centuries and has been passed down from generation to generation as a precious gift. The power of these songs lies not only in their enchanting melodies, but also in the stories they tell, based on Christian themes.

Great Christmas atmosphere

Listening to these heartfelt lyrics takes us back to a time long gone. They remind us of a time when life was simpler, yet full of deep meaning. In the midst of busy schedules and materialistic desires, Polish carols gently remind us that true happiness can be found in love and genuine relationships. With their timeless message, Polish carols transcend language barriers and touch hearts across borders. It is not uncommon to hear these beautiful melodies sung by choirs around the world at Christmas time, as they evoke feelings that are universal to all humanity – hope for a better tomorrow, love that binds communities together and joy that resonates in every note.

In small villages nestled in snow-covered landscapes, or in bustling cities decked out in sparkling lights, people come together shoulder to shoulder during the holiday season. As they sing these traditional carols together, there is an unspoken understanding between them – a recognition that despite our differences, we are united by something greater than ourselves. It is the sense of unity that Polish carols foster that truly captures the essence of what this holiday season represents – peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s no denying that these songs have the power to bring people together, bridging differences between generations and fostering lasting bonds within communities.