Fall Concert 2021 Event

The Fall Concert was a special event for us, and we were able to come together again in 2021 to hear our students perform. Music is a universal language that can bring together people from all cultures and backgrounds to share the joy of art. The event took place on November 14th at the Szustra Palace in Warsaw, a place where some of the most renowned Polish musicians have performed.

Below you can find pictures from the Fall Concert 2021:

This concert was also special because it featured three students who had started school less than three months earlier. This group included four-year-olds Freddy, Eliza, and Emil.

The 2021 Fall Concert – Commencement

The concert began with a performance by Ella Bai, a graduate of our School, who studied with Zofia Zwolińska and is currently a student at the secondary music school in the class of Joanna Okoń (who is also a former student of Zofia Zwolińska).

Ella’s virtuoso performance included Nicola Paganini’s Caprice No. 9 Opus 1 for solo violin and Pablo Sarasate’s Gypsy Melodies. Ella was accompanied at the piano by Professor Andrzej Guz.

Freddy was the first of our students to perform “Ode to Joy” by Ludwig van Beethoven and a folk song “Coming Round the Mountain”.

Freddy is a student of Julia Lewiuk’s piano class

Also performing from Julia Lewiuk’s piano class were:

  • Jeremi Filar with the folk song “Mr. John”
  • Elisa Angevin performed with two miniatures by Ludmila Bass: “The Weariness” and Waltz
  • Zosia Belgy performed Menuet in G Major by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • We could hear Helenka in Agnieszka Lasko’s song “Little Big Elephant”.
  • Basia Sobka played Minuet by Jean Philip Rameau and Bourre by Christof Graupner

From the piano class of Artur Chmara performed:

  • Julia Jedrzejczak, in whose performance we heard Gnosienne by Eric Satie
  • Szymon Szysz performed Waltz in B minor by Fryderyk Chopin
    and Ella Fitzgerald’s standard “Misty”.
  • Noora Hyttinen was heard in a Minuet from Sonata No. 2 by Maurice Ravel
  • From Hanna Malaszek’s piano class performed
  • Emil Koziel, who played: “Galop” by Josef Offenbach and Anna Martyniuk-Tofiluk Waltz

From the class of Zofia Zwolinska performed:

  • Hanyu Lang with Variations by Anatoly Komarovsky
  • Emily Chandler, who we heard in Antonio Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor (Part III)
  • Sam Chandler, Emily’s brother, a student in Maria Kosacka’s cello class, performed Allegro Appasionato
  • Camille Saint-Saens
  • From violin class of Piotr Nermer performed
  • Maria Kwacz who performed “Sad Song” by Gieorgij Swiridow
  • The concert was closed by Karolina Kowalska from Julia Lewiuk’s class. In her performance we heard the popular standard by Sam Wadgood – Shark Soup

We can argue that concerts are the key to music education because they allow children to experience live music in person and understand the differences in performing versus practicing at home. We know that traditional music education has been in decline in most institutions for several years. We care about the arts in these difficult times.

With concerts, students can now use all their skills to bring back the joy of learning about different pieces.

We are already preparing for the Christmas Carol Concert. We will meet again in the Szustra Palace, whose interior echoes the sounds that resounded for years in the concert hall. Music was a very important part of our school life. The concert we experienced in November is one of the most amazing memories we have. Our school would not exist in this form without concert music. Here is our Fall 2021 Concert.

In the meantime, the Principal and professorial staff send all students, Parents and Supporters of our School