Unisono Music Academy Spring Concert 2017

This year, our Spring Concert was held on April 22nd . We met at the classic manor Fangorówka at the Polish Academy of Sciences Botanic Garden in Powsin.

This year Spring was chilly. Outside, in the garden,  frozen buds on magnolia trees created a melancholy mood.

In the concert hall, however, the atmosphere was warm and joyful. Color dresses of the soloists created a nice counterbalance for that cloudy spring afternoon.

Concert Performances

The concert was opened by Natalya Voloshyna who performed the Ist part of Ludvig van Betthoven’s Spring Sonata.

The Julia Levyuk class of piano was represented by:

  • Sisters Marcelina and Michalina Lubowickie. Marcelina played two songs from the piano pedagogics: Fairy-tale about birds and Kitten. Michalina did two songs: Exercise and Polka.
  • Lara Kistak performed Leopold Mozart’s Menuet and
  • Nicole Obarzanek played  Janina Garscia’s  miniature Two little goatlings.
  • Pola Rossokhina played Gnesinai’s  Etude and Menuet.
  • And Ania Wilkins who performed Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart’s Romanza and Dymitr Kabalewski’s Clown.

Piano class

Konstancja Kawalla-Kosiec class of piano was represented by Aleksander   Osia who did Wanda Cmielowska’s  Party at the Dolls Place, and Władysława Markiewiczówna’s Jumping-jack dance

From Krzysztof Komarnicki class of guitar

  • Victor Obarzanek played John Whaitworth Gypsy dance,
  • Andżelika Czigiloj  performed Ferdinando Carulli’s Larghetto and Peter Nutali’s Serenade.

Magda Lewandowska piano class was represented by:

  • Liza Tebbens who played Rawley’s Little Chinese Boy;
  • Nathan Caniard who did the 3rd part of Sonatina op. 51 no. 4 by Janina Garscia:
  • Jojo Yang Yi played Etude in C-Major by …..
  • Zosia Kowalska executed Etude in G-Major of the same composer
  • Emilka Wilkins played Allegretto by….
  • Hania Głąb executed Johann Sebastian Bach Invention for Two Voices in d-minor;
  • Franek Kulig played Ludwig van Beethoven Sonatina in G-Major.
  • Guests of the concert were piano students of Magda Lewandowska:
  • Jeremi Nowakowski executed Drum – a song from the piano pedagogics;
  • Zuzia Depczyńska played Rowley’s Little Chinese Boy,
  • and her sister, Lila Depczyńska,  performed Johann Sebastian Bach’s Musette.

 Zofia Zwolińska class of violin was represented by:

  • Lena Bujnowska who performed Little Rain –  a song from the Russian violin pedagogics;
  • Madlein  Hoijer played Teddy Bear With a Little Doll by Maria Kaczurbina,
  • Marysia Frączak executed Izaac Dunajewski’s Lullaby;
  • Pola Karłowska presented Etude by Witold Krotkowski;
  • TK Lee played the 3rd part of Concerto in a-minor by Antonio Vivaldi;
  • Ella Bai executed Rondo (the 3rd part of Concerto in D-Major) by Antonio Vivaldi.
  • At the end of this Annual Spring Concert, Ella Bai appeared again and performed Carl Bohm’s Introduction and Polonaise.
  • The Unisono Musical Academy Annual Spring Concert 2017 was narrated by Liza Maria Pietraga.

After the musical program was completed, Zofia Zwolińska, Director of the Unisono Musical School, expressed her acknowledgements and thanked all the soloists and professors for their work which brought so much joy and to the entire audience for its warm reception an applause.


Finally, at the end of the day,  the young soloists and their little brothers and sisters were welcomed as usual to the tray full of sweet candies and chocolates served by Liza Maria Pietraga.