2019 Autumn Concert

With the Autumn Concert of November 19th Our Academy started the artistic new School Year 2019/2020

We played in the beautiful Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin at the Concert Hall of the Fangor Mansion thanks to the hospitality of its Director – Professor Paweł Kojs. It made us possible to enjoy and share the entire entourage and music.

From the Dr Artur Chmara Class of Piano played:

  • Patrycja Tabor who presented Minuet by Joseph Haydn and
  • Ellie Chandler who played Prelude cis-minor by Sergey Rachmaninof;

Dr Krzysztof Komarnicki Class of Guitar was represented by:

  • Edoardo Gallerani, who played Andantino by Matteo Carcassi, and
  • Achille d’Orgeval who did Masquerade and Dance by John Whitworth

Yulija Leviuk Class of Piano was represented by:

  • Max Szao who played Miniature by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Giorgio Gallerani playing Allegretto by Joseph Haydn;
  • Marysia Kowalczyk did Agnieszka Lasko’s  miniature Nocne Stworki (Night Dwarfrs);
  • Kamila Butkiewicz presented Mazurka by Alexander Grechaninov;
  • Victoria Polipot player Etude by Ludwig Schytte;
  • Basia Sobka played The Entertainer by Scott Joplin;
  • Karolina Kowalska presented Etude in G-Major by Jean Baptiste Duvernoy;
  • Mathilde d’Orgeval played Sonata No. 4 in Es-Major by Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart, and two pieces: March and April by Piotr Tchaikovsky;

Students of Zofia Zwolinska Class of Violin were:

  • Angeline Tworek played the folk song My jesteśmy krasnoludki (We are the Dwarfs);
  • Ines Chavrier did Piosenka (A Song) by Joseph Haydn from the violin repertoire for children;
  • Avril Lange played Lullaby by Izaak Dunaevsky;
  • Haruka Shimisu presented part I from the Concerto in h-Minor by Oskar Rieding;

The Concert was highlighted by Ella Bai  (violin) – taught by former Zofia Zwolińska  student Joanna Okoń who is actually professor at the Musical High School in Warsaw –  Ella presented Fantasy No. 7 by Georg Philipp Teleman and Concerto-Sonata in e-Minor by Francesco Veracini

At the end of the event, all musicians and guests, as usual, were offered candies served by Berenika Zwolińska.

Berenika, who also announced the performers,  invited all to festive Concert of Christmas Carols played by the students of our Academy on January 26th 2020.