Autumn Concert 2018

Opening concert of the 2018/2019 year

Our School started its series of concerts in the school year 2018/2019 on November 17th at the Fangorówka mansion in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin. The beautiful Garden was illuminated by the sunny autumn light that contributed much to the artistic atmosphere of the concert. Our pupils and the audience enjoyed this colorful  surrounding with pleasure.

The extensive program of the concert included diverse and well harmonized works composed by different composers. At the beginning we could listen to the very young performers who only recently started their musical education and played simple musical miniatures, as well as more advanced students who performed works by well-known renowned composers of the classical and romantic period.

The Julia Leviuk piano class was represented by:

  • Inez Chavrier, who played  “Snake” by Allan Bullard and “Ode to Joy” by Ludvig van Beethoven;
  • Brothers Robin and Eliasz Schwaengli first performed solo and then played in duet. Elias played “Dzwony”(Bells) by Agnieszka Lasko, and Robin – leading motive from Giuseppe Verdi’s “La donna e mobile, then both, in duet, played “Walc piesków”” (Doggi’s waltz) by Artobalawska.
  • Basia Sobko  performed “Minuet” by Alexander Rinagle and “The Clown” by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Madeleine Hoijer played “Piosenka francuska”(French Song) by Piotr Tschaikovsky;
  • Jaś Piwoński performed “The Clown” by Dimitr Schostakovich and “The Entertainer” by Scott Joplin;
  • Ola Kmiecik played “Etude” by Carl Czerny;
  • Simona Proycheva performed “Wilder Reiter” (Wild Horsman) by Robert Scumann and “Marsz turecki” (March a la Turca) by Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart;
  • Michał Kotas  did “Nocturne” un e-minor”;
  • Matilde d’Orgerval performed “Etude in c-minor no. 4 for virtuoso” by Karol Czerny and two waltzes (in gis-minor and d-minor) by Johannes Brahms.

Krzysztof Komarnicki class od guitar was represented by:

  • Helenka Pilichowska who performed miniature “Merrily” by John Witerworth, and
  • Achilles d’Orgeval who played “Allegretto” by Joseph Keuffner;

From Zofia Zwolińska class of violin played:

  • Emily Quin who performed “Koleżanki” (Schoolmates) – a song from the Russian School violin repertoire;
  • Angelina Tworek played “Koleżanki” (Schoolmates) – a song from the Russian School violin repertoire;
  • Inez Chavrier performed “Myśliwy” (The Hunter) – a song from the Russian School violin repertoire, and 
  • Marysia Frączak played “Romance” by Charles Dancla’.

In the final part of Autumn concert we enjoyed Ella Bai (violin) playing “Adelaide” – the  famous work by Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart, and

Natalya Voloshyna (violin) who performed “Legend” – the renowned work by Henryk Wieniawski.

Zofia  Zwolińska, the Director of the UNISONO Music School, congratulated all soloists, both the youngest beginners and the elder and more advanced students, as well as all teachers, for their work and artistry, and exposed especially the progress made by the pupils that brings benefit and satisfaction to all of us.

Finally, Director Zofia Zwolińska invited all  to the next concert (Concert of Carrols) that will be held on January the 19th next year.
The concert ended, as usual, with candies for all.