Carols Concert 2019 Video

We present video recording series from Unisono Music Academy 2019 Students Carols Concert. Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Parents and Audience of the Unisono Music School. This school-year our concert of carols was held on January 10th 2019 at Fangor Manor House in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin.

1.) Duet Robin i Eliasz - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono
2.) Medeline Hoijer - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono
3.) Eduardo Gallerani - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono
4.) Ella Bai - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono
5.) Achille d'Orgeval - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono
6.) Natalia Voloshyna - Koncert Kolędowy 2019 Unisono

All our soloists played with great concentration and engagement receiving great applause from the great audience. The Concert was important for the students because this time it was recorded and shown by the YouTube channel of our School.

Concert was opened by the students of Alicja Zdrojewska class of vocal.

  • Amelia Jednacz sung a song composed by Ed Sheeran and arranged by Birdy
  • Weronika Gwardyś presented the famous White Christmas song composed by Irving Berlin
  • Henryk Warzyński revived Elvis Presley’s famous rendition of Heartbreak Hotel.

Krzysztof Komarnicki class of guitar

  • Edoardo Gallerani in duet with Prof. Krzysztof Komarnicki played John Whiteworth’s Pastorale
  • Helenka Pilichowska in duet with Krzysztof Komarnicki played Polish carrol Przybieżeli do Betlejem (They Came Running To Betlehem);
  • Achille d’Orgeval played three parts of Sonatina (Allegretto – Andante – Allegretto) by Joseph Kuffner.

Julia Leviuk class of piano

  • Giorgio Gallearni played Two Miniatures: Piosenka Niedźwiadka (Teddy Bear Song) and Pociąg Czu-Czu (Czu-Czu-Train) by Agnieszka Lasko
  • Elias Schwaegli performed Polish carol Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki (Let’s Go Together to the Barn) and the miniature Żuk (The Beatle) by Mirosława Kaźmierczakowa
  • His elder brother, Robin Schwaegli, played Stalagmites by Allan Bollard. At the end of that family performance they both played Polish carol Pójdźmy wszyscy do stajenki (Let’s Go Together to the Barn);
  • Adaś Josueff performed two miniatures by Katarzyna Druszkiewicziowa: Na saneczkach (On the sledge) and Polka;
  • Victor Poilpot played Przydrożna róza (Roadside Rose) by Otto Fisher and in duet with Prof. Julia Leviuk the famous hit – Jingle Bells arranged by Alicja Jonas;
  • Karolina Kowalska performed (Melodię Melody) by Agnieszka Lasko.


The next day after the Concert of Carols, i.e. on Sunday, January 20th , we had the Concert of Teachers. It was held in a beautiful picturesque winter scenery of the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences at the Fangor Manor House. The Teachers presented diverse program of artistic masterpieces. If you are interested in other video concert recordings head out to our YouTube channel.