Teacher’s Concert at Fangor Manor House 2019

2019 Professors Concert

The next Unisono Music Academy concert after the Concert of Carrols, was held on Januiary 19th 2019 in the Fangor Manor House in the picturesque Botanic Garden of The Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin. This time it was our Teacher’s Concert. The artists presented an interesting and diversified musical program.

As the first appeared violinist Joanna Okoń – former pupil of  Zofia Zwolińska (now Director of the Unisono Music Academy). Ms. Okoń played works composed by Polish composers :

  • Fantasie Orientale  by Henryk Wieniawski,
  • Guitarre op. 45 No  2 by Maurycy Moszkowski, and
  • Cantabile by Krzesimir Dębski.

At the end of her appearance she played Banjo and Violin –  an extraordinarily spectacular work composed by American composer William  Kroll.


Julia Leviuk (vocal) presented three pieces from the opera repertoire:

  • Aria Susane from La Notte di Figaro . Giunse alfin il momento by Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart,
  • Jolanta’s aria from Tschaikovsky’s opera Jolanta; and
  • Antonia’s aria from Jacques Offenbach opera Hoffmann Stories –  Elle a fui, la touterelle

Krzysztof Komarnicki (guitar) plaed:

  • Two Preludes by Heitor Villa-Lobos”
  • No. 1 in e-minor, and
  • No. 4 in e-minor, and
  • Lagrima– etude in the form of minuet by Francisco Tarrega.

At the end we heard three songs:

  • Yesterday by John Lennon and Pasul McCartney
  • Nothing Else Matters by James Hertfield and Lars Ulrich, and
  • La pobrecita  by Atahualpa Yupanaqui.

The audience gathered in the concert hall aplauded vividly and made Krzysztof Komarnicki to play encore. He did Etude by Krzysztof Panuciak.