2019 Students Spring Concert In Botanic Garden

This year we held our Spring Concert on April 6th. Traditionally, the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin welcomed us with blossoming magnolia trees and flowers. Although, between our last concert and the present one we had merely three weeks time to prepare a new program our students presented successfully quite new works.
The day we did our concert we had beautiful sonny whether with no clouds. Among the audience, beside entrusted family members of our students we welcomed many guests and visitors of the Garden who had an extra chance to enjoy the pleasure of classical music performed by young musicians and reverberated in the beautiful Fangor Mansion.

The annual spring concert at Unisono Music School is always a highly anticipated event for students, teachers, and members of the community. As the first major concert of the year, it marks the start of a new musical journey and serves as an opportunity for students to showcase their hard work and progress.

At Unisono, we strive to create the best possible spring concert experience for all involved. Our talented music teachers work closely with their students to select and perfect their pieces, ensuring that each performance is of the highest quality. In addition, we put great care into the overall production of the concert, choosing the perfect venue and lighting to set the stage for an unforgettable experience.

One of the things that sets Unisono apart is the variety of musical styles and genres represented at our Spring Concert. From classical to contemporary, our students have the opportunity to perform a wide range of music, giving the audience a well-rounded and enjoyable experience. We also place a strong emphasis on inclusivity at our Spring Concert. We encourage the participation of students of all ages and abilities and ensure that we create a welcoming and supportive environment for all performers. Unisono’s annual Spring Concert is a celebration of music, hard work and community. We are proud to give our students this opportunity to shine and look forward to seeing what the future holds for the talented musicians at our school.

With cherry blossoms swaying in the breeze and daffodils painting the landscape in a palette of vibrant yellows, there’s hardly a more enchanting setting than a Botanic Garden bursting with springtime flair. It is in this Eden-like atmosphere that another magical event blossoms – the Botanic Garden’s Student Spring Concert. This unique event harmoniously blends nature’s symphony of colours and sounds with youthful melodies, creating an experience that leaves no viewer untouched.

The concert is far from being just another school event. Rather, it represents the burgeoning creativity of our budding minds blending with the budding expression of spring. As the children’s clear voices serenade the audience under a sky painted blue by nature’s hand, the audience is transported to a world where education meets soulful melodies amidst Mother Nature’s radiant gallery. The Students’ Spring Concert at the Botanic Garden is not only about music, but also about connecting souls with the eternal refrain of springs.

Yulya Levyuk class of piano was represented by:

  • Eliasz and Robin brothers Schwaegli. Eliasz played a song “Three Little Hens” and Robin performed a miniature “The Bear” by Anna Artobalewska and a French folk melody “Dans la foret lointain” (In the distant forest);
  • Giorgio Gallerani presented “Little Elefant” a miniature by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Maja Myczyńska played “Etude” by Elena Gnesina and “Kadryl” by Joseph Hydn;
  • Inez Chavrie presented “Wróbelek” (Little Sparrow) and “Nad strumykiem” by
    Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Victor Poilpot played “Pierwsza strata” (The First Loss) by Robert Schumann;
  • Alexandra Dwayer played “Sonatine in G-Major” by Ludwig van Beethoven;
  • Jaś Piwoński presented “Lazy Bear” by Vitalij Neugsimov.

Zofia Zwolińska – class of violin students;

  • Avril Lange presented “Kołysanka” (A Lullaby) from the Russian School of Violin;
  • Inez Chavrie played “Piosenka” (A Song) from the Russian School of Violin;
  • Haruko Shimizu presented “Introduction” and “Rondeau” by Charles Dancla;
  • Yulo Zhang played “Mazurka” by Charles Dancla;
  • Ella Bai – cooperating with Joanna Okoń – performed “Taniec Słowiański” (Slavonic Dance) by Antonin Dvorak.

At the end of the Concert we have the pleasure to listen to the famous “Concerto in d-minor for Two Violins” by Johann Sebastian Bach which was played by Natalya Voloshina and Ella Bai.

Zofia Zwolińska, Director of our School, congratulated all students for their successful appearance and expressed her gratitude to all teachers of our School for their engaged and fruitful work and invited all to our next concert to be held the next day in the friendly Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The musicians and program of the Concert were presented by Ms. Yulya Levyuk.

At the very end of the event, as usual, according to the tradition of our School, all soloists and young guests received sweet candies which they take with great joy and amusement.

Audience full of spectators

Imagine sharing your passion at a music school concert, embraced by an audience full of people. An overwhelming wave of emotion crashes onto the stage as every eye is on you, mirrors reflecting your innate desire to share what you’ve learned. The whole place brims with anxiety and fervour; time fades into insignificance in this symphony of shared heartbeats.

It is wonderful to see a full audience of spectators at a Spring concert. This is a sign that the concert is highly anticipated and well-attended, and it can create a lively and energetic atmosphere that is enjoyable for both the performers and the audience.

Having a full audience of spectators can also be a great source of support and encouragement for the performers, as they know that their music is being appreciated and enjoyed by a large group of people. This can help to boost their confidence and inspire them to give their best performance.

Full audience of spectators at a Spring concert is a wonderful sight, as it creates a lively and energetic atmosphere that is enjoyable for both the performers and the audience, and it provides a source of support and encouragement for the performers.

Spring concerts in music school start new year

Spring concerts in a Unisono Music School are way to start the new year. These concerts typically feature the talents and accomplishments of the school’s students and faculty, and they can be a great way to celebrate the end of the academic year and the beginning of the summer.

This events wide range of musical experiences, from solo and ensemble performances to full-scale productions. They can be a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and achievements and to share their love of music with their peers and the community.

Spring concerts in a Unisono Music Academy Warsaw is an exciting and enjoyable way to start the new year, offering a wide range of musical experiences and the opportunity to celebrate the end of the academic year and the beginning of the summer.

We are happy performing music

Performing music can be a wonderful and enriching experience, as it allows us to connect with others through a shared love of music and to experience the joy and beauty of music together No matter how you choose to perform music, it can be a powerful and uplifting experience that brings people together and creates a sense of community.

Beyond the glossy sheen of instruments and harmonious drifting melodies, music school concerts lay out a world teeming with passion and dedication. A world where every note articulates an unspoken tale, every rhythm resonates with ardent perseverance. To observe this spectacle is like being part of a flowing symphony – each spectator adding their own silent cadence to the magnificent orchestration.

To have the privilege of sitting in an audience full of spectators at a music school concert is not simply about appreciating music; it’s an invitation to witness boundless creativity unfolding in real time. The shared anticipation echoes through hushed whispers and ever-brightening expressions as eager eyes fix on the stage-their own hearts beating in tempo with the unseen metronome guiding young artists towards glory. In these seemingly fleeting moments, one understands that even within silence lives a crescendo waiting to be discovered.

It is a wonderful and enriching experience that allows us to connect with others through a shared love of music and to experience the joy and beauty of music together. It’s great that you are happy to do so!