Spring Concert 2019

2019 Students Spring Concert In Botanic Garden

This year we held our Spring Concert on April 6th. Traditionally, the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin welcomed us with blossoming magnolia trees and flowers. Although, between our last concert and the present one we had merely three weeks time to prepare new program our students presented successfully quite new works.
The day we did our concert we had beautiful sonny whether with no clouds. Among the audience, beside entrusted family members of our students we welcomed many guests and visitors of the Garden who had an extra chance to enjoy the pleasure of classical music performed by young musicians and reverberated in the beautiful Fangor Mansion.

Yulya Levyuk class of piano was represented by:

  • Eliasz and Robin brothers Schwaegli. Eliasz played a song “Three Little Hens” and Robin performed a miniature “The Bear” by Anna Artobalewska and a French folk melody “Dans la foret lointain” (In the distant forest);
  • Giorgio Gallerani presented “Little Elefant” a miniature by Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Maja Myczyńska played “Etude” by Elena Gnesina and “Kadryl” by Joseph Hydn;
  • Inez Chavrie presented “Wróbelek” (Little Sparrow) and “Nad strumykiem” (… ?) by
    Agnieszka Lasko;
  • Victor Poilpot played “Pierwsza strata” (The First Loss) by Robert Schumann;
  • Alexandra Dwayer played “Sonatine in G-Major” by Ludwig van Beethoven, and
  • Jaś Piwoński presented “Lazy Bear” by Vitalij Neugsimov.

Zofia Zwolińska – class of violin students;

  • Avril Lange presented “Kołysanka” (A Lullaby) from the Russian School of Violin;
  • Inez Chavrie played “Piosenka” (A Song) from the Russian School of Violin;
  • Haruko Shimizu presented “Introduction” and “Rondeau” by Charles Dancla;
  • Yulo Zhang played “Mazurka” by Charles Dancla;
  • Ella Bai – cooperating with Joanna Okoń – performed “Taniec Słowiański” (Slavonic Dance) by Antonin Dvorak.

At the end of the Concert we have the pleasure to listen to the famous “Concerto in d-minor for Two Violins” by Johann Sebastian Bach which was played by Natalya Voloshina and Ella Bai.

Zofia Zwolińska, Director of our School, congratulated all students for their successful appearance and expressed her gratitude to all teachers of our School for their engaged and fruitful work and invited all to our next concert to be held the next day in the friendly Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The musicians and program of the Concert were presented by Ms. Yulya Levyuk.

At the very end of the event, as usual, according to the tradition of our School, all soloists and young guests received sweet candies which they take with great joy and amusement.