Spring Opening Concert 2018

Spring Opening Concert in Botanic Garden. This year the weather delivered us an unexpected surprise. The Spring Concert of our School in the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin which we hoped to do in the warm atmosphere at the outset of Spring, on 18.03.2018, was delivered in the beautiful winter surroundings. Frost looked through the windows into the concert hall of the Fangorówka manor, but inside the hall was a joyful spring- atmosphere of music.

The Concert was opened  by the pupils of Alicja Zdrojewska vocal class:

  • Henryk Wawrzyński  sang a well known song What a Wonderful World by Luis Armstrong;
  • Ola Kmiecik performed Lullaby of Birdland by Ella Fitzgerald;
  • KaiLin  Xing accompanying himself on guitar did Ed Sheern’s Castle on the Hill. ;
  • Weronika Gwardyś sang Nina Simone’s Feeling Good.

At the end of this part of the Concert Catarina Lindo performed Day RiseUp.

In the next part of the Concert we heard pupils representing instrumental classes:

Magda Lewandowska Class of Piano:

  • tiny Marysia Hanyga opened this part of the Concert with a song My jesteśmy krasnoludki  (We are the dwarfs); Marysia attends Magda Lewandowska class of piano where from we also heard
  • Jojo Yiang Yi who performed Friedrich Kuhlau’s Variations in g-Minor;
  • Arseni Voloshyn played Johann Sebastian Bach’s Minuet in g-Minor;
  • Franek Grygorczuk performed Cornelius Gurlit’s  Sonatina in F-Major.

Julia Lewiuk Class of Piano pupils were:

  • Basia Sobko who played two minatures of Agnieszka Lasko: Zmartwienie (Sorrow) dedicated her grandfather and Wróbelek (Little Sparrow) dedicated to her younger brother on his birthday;
  • Robin Shwagli performed Aria  in F-Major by Johann Sebastian Bach;
  • Jaś Piwoński executed miniature based on the musical motive from the opera Rogoletto by Giuseppe Verdi;
  • Leon Gryukovich did the French Song by Piotr Tchaikovsky  and a fragment from the Capriccio No. 24 by Nicolo Paganini;
  • Pola Rossokhina played Sarabande by Arcangelo Corelli;
  • Simona Proycheva performed Clown,  and Habanera from Carmen by George Bizet ;
  • Madlen Hojer played the Song  by Bin Kaneda.

Performers from Zofia Zwolińska Class of Violin:

  • Inez Chaviere, played the miniature Deszczyk  (Little Rain) from the violin pedagogic repertoire;
  • Cadhla Lindsay executed the miniature Koleżanki (Schoolmates) from the violin pedagogic repertoire;
  • Julia Jaworska performed Introduction,  and Polonaise by Carl Böhm;
  • Ella Bai performed Obertas (Polish folk dance) by Henryk Wieniawski.

The performers were announced by Berenika Zwolińska

After the musical part of the Concert Director, Zofia Zwolińska,

congratulated all performers and their teachers well done job and invited all to next concerts of our School which will be done later this school year.

At the end of the event, as usual, Berenika Zwolińska welcomed all to the table with chocolate candies.