Pre-Spring Student Concert 2019

Student Concert On 17 th March 2019

This time in the Pre-Spring Sunday, March 17th 2019 we met at the friendly Fangor Mansion in the beautiful Botanic Garden of  the Polish Academy of Sciences in Powsin, near Warsaw.

The program of the Concert was a real challenge for the young musicians, both for the beginners and for the more advanced young artists. They all showed their best so that their performance had a character of professional rendering of the musical works they presented. 

Soloists representing Yuliya Levyuk Class of Piano:

  • Basia Sobka played “Marsz krasnoludków” (Dwarf’s March) by Miłosz Magin and „Walc kwiatów” (Flowers Waltz) by Piotr Tchaikovsky;
  • Jaś Piwoński presented Sonatina in C-Major by Albert Biel and “Lazy Bear” by Vitalyi Neugasimov;
  • Ola Kmiecik played “Chora lalka” (Ill Doll) by Piotr Tchaikovsky and „Walc A-dur” (Waltz A-Major) by Franz Schubert;
  • Michał Kotas did Etude in C-Major by Carl Czerny;
  • Mathilde d’Orgeval presented Invention No. 1 in C-Major by Johann Sebastian Bach and two works by Frederic Chopin: (1) Nocturn in c-Minor, op. poshum. And (2)  Waltz Cis-mol No. 2 op. 64.

Soloists representing Krzysztof Komarnicki Class of Guitar:

  • Helenka Pilichowska played solo Maskarade  by Peter Nutall and together with Prof. Krzysztof Komarnicki „Morskie opowieści” (Tales of the Sea);
  • Edoardo Gallerani presented Andantino  by Mateo Carcassi;
  • Achille d’Orgeval played Gypsy Dance by John Whiteworth and Dance by Peter Nutall.

Soloists representing Zofia Zwolińska Class of Violin:  

  • Avril Land presented the miniature Christmas Tree;
  • Angeline Tworek played a song Up the Hill;
  • Haruko Shimizu did a Ballad  by Charles Dancla. 

The Concert was highlighted by a rendition of the first part of the Spring Sonataby Ludwig van Beethoven played by Ella Bai.

Zofia Zwolińska, the Director of the UNISONO Music Academy expressed her warm gratitude to all the soloists for their progress and achievements, and to all the teachers for their successful work. Finally, Director Zofia Zwolińska invited all to the next concert to be played by the professors of the UNISONO Music Academy and will be open to all guests and visitors of the Botanic Garden of the Polish Academy of Sciences.